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Thread: 300 king quad 4x4

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    300 king quad 4x4

    need advice guys!

    I got a 300 king quad with the super low/low/high transmission. fuel ran into my oil and i didnt realize it until it started smoking. i had to drive it back to camp. i changed the oil but it still smokes. i changed the oil again to help flush out any extra fuel, added lucas additive, and still smokes. im going to change it again tonight and try Marvel additive. ANy other suggestions? do you think that i lost valve seals or possibly the rings need to re-seat?any info will be appreciated. im also looking to buy any parts and a carb off this bike if you have any for sale. luke 618-593-0294

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    It smoke allways ?

    Check compression.

    I think the Piston Rings crossed Jordan .

    If you disasembly the Piston and Cylinder, check them for overheating or mechanical demage, check them by gauging.

    Good luck !

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