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Thread: Frequently asked 450R questions/thread!s

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    Frequently asked 450R questions/threads!

    Maybe we could get a mod to sticky this for a while? theres been like 4 threads in the past 5 days about the same subject so i thought this might be easier for people, feel free to add!!! This should serve as a GUIDE to modifications/info while i do my best to get everything right, do not blame me for messing anything up! That being said, i hope this helps some people!

    Main differences between the different years

    2004 - . first year the 450R was made.only available in Red, gearing is 14/38

    2005-Stayed basically the same, with the addition of Black plastic. Gearing is 14/38

    2006- Came in electric start and kickstart models; came in Red and Black. received updated/different:
    -Brake light
    -air box
    -removal of oil cooler
    -rear plastic is slightly different
    -Air Filter
    -Different bore/stroke
    -Gearing is 13/38

    2007- Unchanged from 2006, Also came in White.

    2008- Received new Tires, Smaller gas tank, and gas tank cover. Came in Red, Black/Blue, and White.

    2009- Unchanged from 2008, came in Red, Black, and White/orange/black.

    What is the bolt pattern?
    Front:4/144 Rear:4/110

    What other rims will fit on my 450r?
    Kawasaki Sport models, Suzuki Sport models, Arctic cat(DVX400), Can-am sport models. All Cannondale model's anymore?

    Will an 04-05 exhaust fit on my 06+?
    Generally, no. Some people have gotten certain brands to fit but the exhaust comes out of the header at a slightly different angle and the sub frame mounting points are not the same.

    Will a 08+ Tank cover fit on my 04-07?
    With some trimming, yes but there will be about a 1/2 gap on the bottom of the gas tank. It will also scratch your tank in some spots so it would be a good idea to put some sort of graphic or clear sticker under the cover to prevent it. If you don't plan on taking the cover off, you can also use double sided tape to get the cover to stick to the tank more and it will reduce the amount of space not covered by the tank on the bottom, Most agree that the 1/2 gap isn't enough to notice unless you know that it's an 04-07 tank underneath.

    I want to add a kickstart to my 06+ ER, What do i need?
    Complete list and part #'s:

    1. 2 Pinion (28T) 28211-HP1-670 1
    3 Plate, Kick Stopper 28215-HP1-670 1
    4 Ratchet 28221-HP1-670 1
    5 Spring 28223-HP1-670 1
    6 Gear (31T) 28231-HP1-670 1
    7 Collar 28232-HP1-840 1
    8 Plate 28233-HP1-840 1
    10 Spindle 28251-HP1-840 1
    11 Spring 28261-HP1-840 1
    12 Collar 28282-HP1-840 1
    13 Bolt, Flange (6x14) 90004-GHB-620 1
    14 Washer (14mm) 90451-PC9-000 1
    15 Washer B (22mm) 90455-ML7-000 1
    16 Washer (27x20x1) 90554-728-940 2
    17 Bearing (22x29x10) 91007-HP1-671 1
    18 Bearing, Needle 91105-KN7-671 1
    19 Bolt, Hex (6x16) 93301-06016-0A 2
    20 Circlip (19mm) 94510-19000 1
    22 Gear (25T/13T) 28240-HP1-840 1
    23 Arm, Kick Starter 28300-HP1-840 1
    19 Bolt, Kick Joint 28306-MEN-670 1
    seal 91204-KF0-003 1
    gasket 11394-HP1-600 1
    optional 05 kickstart arm 28300-HP1-000 it's $60 cheaper and works the same
    (30MM) 11333-HP1-841

    I want to put an 08+ tank on my 04-09, what do i need?
    Complete parts list and #'s.

    1 08+ Gas Tank 17510-HP1-A00
    2 8+ Tank Cover 83700-HP1-A00ZB (Red) ( 83700-HP1-A00ZA (White)
    83700-HP1-A00ZD (Black)
    3 08+ Pet Cock 16950-HP1-A01
    4 Left Front Gas Tank Mount 17522-HP1-A00
    5 Right Front Gas Tank Mount 17521-HP1-A00
    6 08+ Rear Stay Plate 17525-HP1-A00
    7 (2) 08+ Bands 95012-11001

    Green wire mod(06+)
    On the 06+ 450R's, underneath the hood, if you look at the CDI box, there are three plug in type boxes with multiple wires going into each one. If you are facing the CDI, The plug in box all the way to the left, There should be a green wire, if you cut that wire and heat shrink/grease the ends, You will get 1000extra RPM's and it will change the power curve slightly. THIS WILL ONLY WORK ON THE 06+ TRX'S.

    Will an 06+ swing arm fit on my 04/05? Are there any benefits?
    The 06+ swing arms stock, are .75 of an inch longer than the 04/05's. So it will add some more stability. In order for the swing arm to work properly you will need linkage and a rear shock off of a 06+ as well as the swing arm, everything else bolts up.

    Whats the best exhaust for my 450R?
    Most will say: Sparks, Dasa, or Rossier. These exhausts are some of the loudest available though so keep that in mind when buying them!, the DASA is available in a 99Db version though.

    What is the best cam for me/my quad?
    A lot of this depends on the rider and riding style, for example Hotcams stage II is a great all around cam, where as the 04/05 HRC cam is more for top end type riding. Do a search in this section! there is TONS of information on this topic but it's hard to narrow it down to justa few good cams!

    Curtis Sparks and most big engine builders have there own.

    04/05 spindles are they better?

    What Mods Should I Start With?

    Lowering Subframe (pics)

    Show Off your 450R

    lets see some xc r's

    Show off your MX 450R !

    Post up those TT Bikes!!!

    450R graphics

    Will an 04/05 motor fit in an 06+ frame?

    Parts needed for starter clutch replacement

    Race wire harness diagrams

    Valve adjustment : HOW TO w/

    08+ Tank and over on 04-07
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    don't forget the '08/'09 tank cover on '04-'07... been asked quite a bit lately.

    Good post, I'm sure there will still be the same questions asked on a regular basis... but worth a try right.
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    good post for sure!
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    Im updating it as i think of questions, if anyone has other questions/answers or corrections let me know! even if this falls back onto the back pages, atleast when people search they can find the info!
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    there seems to be many threads on the differences from 04-05, to 06-07, and 08-09 machines if anyone has a good informative thread im sure rollie would appreciate it.

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    Doing a great job rollie, you have alot covered, and hopefull itll cut down on the stupid repetative questions

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    post how the 06 swingarm is longer than an 04-05 and that it will work
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    I always see a ton of questions about different Cams

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    Cant forget that one
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    Originally posted by Dave400ex
    I always see a ton of questions about different Cams
    Yep! True that!
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