Alright guys ... I started a sticky about the sale of parts in here in the Hybrid Section in order to keep this forum from being cluttered with Wanted and For Sale items.

I did this in order to HELP you guys out because the regular Classified Section doesn't have a section for Hybrids and parts.

Some guys have grasped the concept of it, while others still aren't getting it ... maybe it's just been an oversight or maybe some are doing it on purpose to not post in it.

So I'm asking you guys ONCE AGAIN ... Please post under ths Sticky anything you have for sale or anything you want to buy.

It's unfortunate , but if guys can't start following the rules, I'm going to have to shut it all down and make you guys post the For sale and wanted stuff in the general classified of this website. I DON'T WANT TO , but if I have to I will.

I will NOT be moving posts into the Sticky classified ... I will simply just deleate the entire post.

So PLEASE help us in keeping this section clutter free from all the For Sale and wanted posts.

Moderator Quad18star