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Thread: 05 Vinson wont start - suggestions please

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    05 Vinson wont start - suggestions please

    My 2005 Suzuki Vinson 500cc wont start. I only ride it about once every 8-9 weeks (if that) it sits a lot.

    I went out to start it on Saturday and it fired right up (like always) using full choke. I let it idle for a minute or so and tried to slowly give it some gas. It immediately died.

    I started it back up and let it idle again for a minute or so and gave it a bit of gas and it died.

    I started it back up and tried backing the choke off and it died.

    It wont start back up again?!!?

    I waited until Sunday and the same thing....still wont start.

    I unscrewed the drain on the carb bowl and it drained out quite a bit of fuel.

    I sprayed some carb cleaner directly into the carb and it starts up and immediately dies.

    There is gas in the tank (3/4) and I have tried using ON, RES and PRI.

    After attempting to crank it over another 20 times or so (with and without carb cleaner), I checked the carb bowl drain again...this time nothing came out (a couple drips).

    It would appear to me that the carb is gunked up somewhere. Maybe the floats are stuck in the UP position? Maybe the jets are clogged?

    Maybe unrelated--I found a somewhat long vacuum line (12-16" with L/elbow-bend on the end) coming off the left side of the carb which is detached from the other end (the L-side is disconnected). I have no clue where it goes...but it does have suction while I'm cranking the engine over. The vacuum tube connects to the carb above and to the left of the fuel line (left side of carb).

    1. Why did it start on Saturday with full choke then die when I applied the throttle?
    2. Why was there a lot of fuel in the carb bowls on Saturday...but nothing is getting there on Sunday?
    3. Where does the other end of the vacuum tube go?
    4. Anyone know how to fully remove the carb?


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    Taking the carb clear off aint fun or fast. Remove the seat, plastics, gas tank, throttle and choke cables. Then just remove the intake boot, and woolah carb is in your hands. Take it all apart and pull the jets out and blow them out with air, you don't want to spray any kind of carb cleaner on the slide or needle area's. when you put it back together be sure and run fresh fuel in it. Check and clean your air filter before fireing back up.
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    Thanks everyone! I was able to get it started eventually. I can only assume that the carb cleaner worked the needles free....cuz it started up a couple days later and was running like CRAP from the bad gas. I ran it for quite a while on 2 consecutive days and its running better....but not 100% yet (cuz I didnt swap the gas...just added carb cleaner and sta-bil).


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    Seems to me like gas these days goes bad in as little as 2 weeks. i have an old bulldozer that has a message stamped right in the fuel cap that i always thought was neat . it says "Buy Clean Fuel Keep it Clean" .Words to live by
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