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Thread: help getting started racing 6 years old

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    help getting started racing 6 years old

    I need info on getting my son started racing, problem is he is 6 and has a 90cc. drr. He got his first quad when he turned 2. He is unbelievable on his new drr and wnts to race. Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. We live in Lewisburg Ohio but will travel wherever we need to. Thanks..

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    You should have aksed some questions before you bought the 90.
    At his age he can race the 70cc classes. You can buy a 70cc
    motor and just put the 90 on the shelf till hes old enough.
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    I agree with Jerkyboy, build a 70 motor and save the 90 motor til he's 8, that's when he can race the 90.....Jeff
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