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Thread: Indiana race place

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    Indiana race place

    Hey beginer racers - this is a great race place for us! Located between Indianapolis and Cincinati in Indiana. The race series is go there for more info! They race this Sunday 7/20 and on 7/27 and a few more in Aug and Sept. Good place to race, fun people and camping too. Good weekend fun! They have bikes and quads and some races even have kids and UTVs. Check em out you will love to race there.

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    MWXC returns to GREENCASTLE for round 6 !!!! Last time we were there over 800 people went through the gates!! And over 260 racers!! This time will be no different the local news paper is going to be running a article this week letting every one around know to go to the BIGGEST RACE OF THE YEAR on 7 19 09 at the Cantonwine farm!!! We are expecting over 1000 people through the gates this round and over 300 racers!!!! SO dont miss the race that every one will be talking about.

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    You guys got the wrong section this is IXCR section not MWXC section... Midwest is the keyword not Indiana...

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