Indiana XC Racing
Round #2 LCRP
April 20th, 2008

For the second round of the IXCR series we were blessed with wonderful weather, a great track, and a partnership with District 15 which added up to a great day at the track! This was are first race to offer District 15 points and the bikes showed up to earn points for two different series at the same time! With almost 400 entries Sunday the track was sure to get rutted up fast.

This was our first youth race for the year as well and we had several young riders looking to make their mark! These little girls and boys make me jealous! I think some of them could beat me on the track and make me look silly so I love to get out there and watch them do battle! There is nothing like see a little boy riding a 65CC bike and yelling “PASS, PASS!” As he screams past another rider in the open grass field section! In the 50CC Mod Dawson Dunnuck cleaned house by running 7 laps and grabbing a first place finish. Jacob Mull did the same in the 50CC Inj. Bike class on the mile long course for our 50CC riders.
The 65cc & 85CC bike riders were up next to do battle on the 2.5 mile long course. I think these might have been the tightest battles of the day! These kids mean business! Less than 10 seconds separated the winners of each of these classes. Keagan Lee was the top dog with Michael Witkowski and Tate Guerrettaz in tail in the 65CC Class. In the 85CC’s Matthew Sims and Anthony Wagler battled back and fourth the whole race and it was a blast to watch this go down. Matthew took the win and Anthony had to settle for second. Alex Witkowski set back and waited for one of them to bobble but it never happened so he took the third place slot for the day.

Next up was the youth quads, and I have to admit this may be my favorite race of the day. The kids that race these things are some of my best buddies at the track and they are all willing to give a hand and put on a show! Matthew Harris made the drive over from Ohio and won the Super Mini class. In the 90cc production class Charlie Welch and Vincent Harris did battle all race long and the parents of these boys were on pins and needles waiting on them to come around each lap! Charlie got the best of Vincent this race but I bet we’ll see this battle all year long! In the 90cc stock class Travis Pettit was victorious with Lee Smith and Cole Setser in tow. Sadie Welch won her class and hopes to carry this momentum over to the nationals.

The adult classes faced a brutal, yet entertaining, 9.8 mile course which included almost every obstacle known to cross country racing. The creek jump was the hit of the day, where you came across an open grass field and launched over a creek or took the long easy way around. Several spectators gathered here as this was a great place to catch a glimpse of your favorite riders.

The adult bike classes were next up on the list and Jake Fiddler dominated the race by winning the Pro class and taking the overall win as well on his Monster Energy Kawasaki. In the A Class Jake Wilkerson was our winner and the 2007 IXCR overall bike champ Jeff Mote was second. A lites class was won by Tyler Tischler and Daniel Sims was the runner up. The B class had Kyle Binhack sitting on top with Paul Wood and Nathan Shannon not far behind. B Lites had 19 entries and John Challe beat them all with a fellow Challe (Evan) taking second. The C Class/First Year racer class was our largest class of the day with 23, and Evan Wood was proud to finish out in front of Vincenet Eads and Gary Bowling. Doug Day, Lucas Soule, and “Dirty” Joe Stanley is how the Vet 30+A class ended up and Brad Ott won the 30+ B Class. Craig Moore showed everyone that 40+A doesn’t mean he’s slow by winning the class and Scott Rugenstein did the same in the 40+B. Our Super Senior 50+ class was won by Marvin Popp on a KTM. This was our largest bike race of the year and we hope this continues thru out the year. The more bikes we have the better the competition and the better our series will be! So thank you to all who gave us a shot and we hope to see you again.

For the quad race we had 185 entries and it was a site to see an open field filled with anxious riders and vehicles. Donald Ockerman continued his winning ways by taking the overall and pro class wins with Todd Demaree in the second slot. Jonathan Fugate seems to be a man on a mission this year and he won the A class while Scott Graham and Wayne Tharp followed him the finish line. Jake “The Snake” Stonebraker has been up against some hard luck this year, but he broke thru and took the “W”! He had a great race with Justin Lewicki, Travis Mader, and Tyler “T-Rex” Moore in the 16-25 B Class as they all swapped spots several times. The 26+ B Class saw Mike Goss in the third place spot and Seth Irwin as the runner up. Matt Sillery was the victor in this class. Justin Kirchhoff put his Honda out in front of the Humphrey boys on this day but I’m sure Zach and Jay will be back to try for the top spot in the 16-21 C Class. The 22-29 C Class was won by Garry Stallard, and Russell Keck was second with S.I.C.C. Racing’s Jonathan Benham taking third. Mike Muskoff showed a Kawi can finish up front in the 30+ C Class and one Humphrey boy did finish out front! Jake won the D class/First Year Racer with Ryan Edmondson and Chad Wiggins in second and third. John East was our sport class winner. And Brad Morrison took his Snyder Motor Sports Raptor 250 to the front of the sport lites class and Bruce Marshall did the same in the Vet 30+ class. Dan Bradford looked like a Green Machine on his 400ex when sailing over the creek jump but he could quite catch David Robinson who won the senior 40+ class. Josh Kissinger won the UTE class in dominating fashion on his freshly rebuilt Moto-Xperts utility and looked to be having a blast on the rough and rocky course.

That basically sums up the happenings of April 20th in the IXCR world and we hope everyone had a great time and is eager to come back for more. We’ll take a few weeks off and see you again on May the 18th in Southern Indiana where Demaree Farms will host round three.

Until next time, Stay between the trees!
Garon Davis
Racer Representative