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Thread: 2008 Iatvhss Schedule

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    2008 Iatvhss Schedule

    April 20th
    Fun Valley
    Montezuma, IA

    May 25th
    Mineral City Speedway
    Fort Dodge, IA

    June 29th
    Andy's Back Yard
    Carlisle, IA

    July 13th
    Hansen Hollows (Postponed due to flooding)
    Sprageville, IA

    Aug. 3th
    Bob Cat Run
    Decatur City, IA

    Sept. 7th**
    Greenhurst Farms
    Mt. Pleasant, IA

    Oct. 12th
    The Farm
    Indianola, IA

    Also MotoCross Racing at Fun Valley on April 19th & at The Farm on October 11th.

    More info-

    Classes: AA, A, B, 16-25 C, +26 C +30, +40, Utility, Women's, Stock, Junior (13-15yr),
    50cc Stock, 50cc Production, 70cc, 90cc Stock, 90cc Production
    Entry Fees: AA $55; A $45; B, C, +30, +40, +50 Utility, Women's, Junior, Stock, First Year Racer $35;
    50cc, 70cc, 90cc $25
    Schedule: 8am: 50cc, 70cc & 90cc Parade Lap
    8:30-9am: 50cc; 9-9:45am: 70cc/90cc
    10-Noon: C, Utility, Women, Stock, Jr, +50, First Year Racer
    1-3pm: AA, A, B, +30, +40
    At Mt. Pleasant all Adult Classes will run at 11am.

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    St joseph Mo.

    The July 13th race at Spragueville, IA has been postponed.

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