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Thread: GNCC Round 2 - Ballance? Borich?

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    Question GNCC Round 2 - Ballance? Borich?

    Does anyone know what happenned to Ballance and Borich at Georgia (besides the fact that they got wooped?) I was there for the start of the race and Ballance had steering stabilizer problems on the first lap (after a bad start - nearly last place for the hole shot.) I had to leave after that and haven't seen anything other than he only finished 1 lap and Borich finished 2 laps. I can't imagine what could break that his mechanic couldn't fix and get back out for another lap or two.

    I will say that the KTM that won the race was way ahead on the first lap. Second place was way out of sight.

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    ballance had electrical problems.

    borich broke also but I can't remember what his problem was.

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    Borich broke a chain.

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