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Thread: heating up

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    heating up

    I have 07 660 rhino has dynatec cdi. Prodesign pro flow kit..... i jet kit all that stuff. I have noticed that the fan seems to been running alot. I noticed it before i put the air filter kit in there also.... and now i cna ride a while and we may stop on the trail and i'll turn the key back on and the temp light will be on. I know on the race bikes they do that and we removed the thermostat so it will flow all the time. Just curious if any one had any ideas. also its seems to be blowing oil out like crazy . i know they are common for doing that. but can i just run the hose out the skid plate to the ground! Thanks

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    Hey whats up. Sounds like you are still lean. The rhinos come stock Very lean, the reason for the fan always coming on. And depending on what jet kit you used you still could be running lean.

    Also, ive never had a rhino blow out more than just a VERY little mist of oil from the breather after a full day at the track. Sounds like you might have an issue there. How many miles/hours do you have?

    Thank you

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