I have redone the bottom end on several 250r's, but I'm not familiar with the 2000 LT80 that I'm helping my friend fix. The clutch that attaches to the crank came apart and stripped the splines off the end of the crank.

We have the motor pulled apart and I have a couple questions before I proceed. The crank is in the right case half right now. Is the crank pressed into the right crank bearing? If so, I would assume that it needs to be pressed out and the new crank would have to be installed with a tool that pulls the crank into the bearing from the outside of the case, is that right? Also, since just the left side of the crank is bad, my buddy wants to just order the left half of the crank, press the crank apart and just replace the left side, is that a bad idea? Should he just order the whole crank?