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Thread: LT80 clutch questions

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    LT80 clutch questions

    1996 Suzuki LT80, completely stock except boring for new piston and rings.

    This bike has never felt very strong on takeoff. It just feels high geared. I have compared to some newer LT/KFX80's. I am about to sell the bike and I want to be sure I am not selling a problem to someone else. If interested, let me know! I am asking $900. It has new maier fenders and hood with headligt from last fall and the top end was done. I also have a set of crank bearings the machine shop told me I didn't need.

    I recently replaced the belt and cleaned the clutches. When I put the rollers back in I did not grease them. The result was a very fast shiftout that bogged the motor. I went back and removed two rollers and greased the four and now shiftout is good but the belt slips on takeoff and at low speed hard throttle. Any ideas on my problem? Could the problem be the secondary spring getting weak? I know it could use some new rollers.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If the rollers are flat, then that needs to be fixxed first to know.

    The torque spring does do what you mentionerd but on a stock motor it's usually not an issue.
    I doubt the grease made the difference.
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