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Thread: 2007 Z50 Speed Restricting Spacer Removal

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    2007 Z50 Speed Restricting Spacer Removal

    Can anyone provide assistance removing the speed restricting spacer on the 2007 LT Z50. I already took apart the left side plastic and removed the metal case cover exposing the drive assembly and belt.

    First off, which side is the spacer in, the left or right? Also, is it necessary to have some special tool people are talking about in other threads, or is there a trick to break the nut loose?

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    Ok, found the directions posted below at this location:;sa=showPosts

    They worked out ok. The hardest part was wedging something in the drive system so that it would not spin.

    1) Remove the left foot floor pan. There are about 7 plastic rivets, 2 Phillips head screws and to 10mm bolts.
    2) Remove left foot floor pan support mount. This is just 2 12mm bolts...
    3) Remove the 7 8mm?? Belt drive case cover bolts and breather tube.
    4) Carefully remove belt case cover so as not to damage the casket.
    5) I didn't have the "Special Tool". But at this point I did get my impact wrench out and a 16mm socket to remove the primary "Front pulley" nut...
    Once this is removed the pull start sprocket will come off. With no need to remove the 3 hex head bolts. At this point carefully remove the outer pulley plate and move the belt out of the way... No need to remove the belt completely. Once the belt is out of the way you can slide out the remaining centrif pulley assembly. Note be careful the starter spur may fall out on you not a problem just beware of it...
    6) Once you have the centrif pulley assembly out you will see the spacer sleeve as describe in the Owners Manual. Remove it... (Duh.) ;-) and reassembly the centrif pulley. Note again that the carrier sleeve has a flange on the end of it and that must be pointing back at the motor. I don't know how I did it but I put it in backwards the first time...
    7) Once you have the main half of centrif pulley back on the Motor output shaft put the belt back in place and carefully center the outer pulley plate and pull start sprocket. I snugged this down slowly until everything was square before torqueing the main nut...
    After that reverse steps 1 thru 4 and you are golden!!

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