Myself and up to 3 other freinds/racers or mine where planing on hitting 11 outa the 13 GNCCs this year, But weve all got bills to pay and quads to keep up. So after everyone went threw there bills and and figguring out what it would cost us all, we decided to try a 1/2way local series, and i beleive that we are going to run all the MHSC races.

I would like to know a few things.

?1. How are the tracks compaired to the GNCC (tight or open)
?2. In district 17 im a fast b-rider/slowA rider what class should i run?
?3. Are there any vendors at the tracks? (fuel,gloves,goggles ect.)
?4 and about how many riders do you usally have on quads?

thanks for any info
mark knox