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Thread: LT 50 Oil Inejector??

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    LT 50 Oil Inejector??

    Can someone tell me how to remove the oil injector on a 03 LT50??? Im not sure which wires you have to remove and if some need to stay on to take it off.
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    There shouldn't be any "wires" to remove. Just the oil tank, then follow the hose down to the case on the right side. Take all of the bolts off on the right side (8 I think). The side cover comes off, then you can get to all of the "guts" of the injector. I had a little aluminum block off plate made for the case where the oil hose went in. Works great.
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    i have heard u can just replace the banjo bolt w/ a reg bolt end of story. don't forget to rejet
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