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    Thumbs up Tri City

    i would have to say for what we had to work with, the rain and rolling it in 2x, the track would have to be my favorite of all the tracks this year, 3 option lanes , hats off to Hetrick and his crew for puttin together a great track
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    I would have to second that motion, like the little train engine that said, I think I can I think I can, they got the job done.
    Cant help the weather though, I hate mud but sometimes you just got to deal with it

    What about that meat ball sub supper, bronnies, cookies & drinks friday night, man I got to give the Hetricks, Tri City crew, Steve & wife & some of the NC boys at least an A for all their efforts trying to complete the program.
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    Question Tri City Results

    The tri City nationals appeared to be the one of the best run of all the races and except for the rain everything went great .There web site was first class as well as the track.But how come we do not have the rest of the results that should be automatic I understand that some races were on Sunday but they should be published bye now > Maybe I am being pickey but I know some people are making plans for Kentucky based on there standing.

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    i agree!! you would think atva online would be faster than this.. another thing i have noticed is that lately they wait intil 2 or 3 days before the race to post anything on there home page about it.. its like they are forgetting about us. (EDT)

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    i was watching saturday night. thanks for the great show people...i was there until the last race on saturday, even though i had to be to work early the next morning. i had never been to t tt race before and really enjoyed it. i hope the atva runs there again next year.

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    i would have to give this race a a+ especially with the rain. they were in control of every aspect of the race for the racers. thanks for an awesome weekend.

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    excelent track

    me and my son cant say enough about tri city and a really great job by hetrick racing. every race should have the same effort they put into there site promoting the race. top notch!!. aside from the stinking rain the track was great pleanty of jumps passing and a little speed my son loves speed i guess paducah should be good!. cant get much info on puducah thou. hope hetrick and tri city team up again next year!! great job!!!!!!!! rustee
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    Hellz ya was lovin the track... except for the double haha shattered my air box on it but id hit it again!
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