View Full Version : hetrick dual arm 129cc with xtra 129cc engine

dyno dan
01-27-2013, 11:44 PM
i have a hetrick dual a arm kasea with elka shocks and 2+2 axel with drum brakes with foot pedal and a hole disc set up for the rear of it and 2 - 129 cc 2 stroke motors the one in the atv has pvl custom reed and a custom tube intake that is 33mm id. it has a 33pwk carb hetrick pipe ,56mm ported cylinder and 52mm stroke crankshaft welded and machined cases puttied and ported cylinder and cases this bike was a dr pulley test bike and has all dr pulleu clutch and variator rollers malossi kevelar belt .slipper sprocket . bike come with a sister 129 cc motor never ran all new cylinder piston crankshaft and cases it has no clutching or ign. its a long block with transmission gears .i have 5 xtra malossi kevlar belts 3 ported cylinders cranks and pistons and rings will will give you xtra gears case hardend and any thing else i can find to fit the 129 cc motors .bike is a hadful of power as i built nascar engines fot 12 years i did a lot of testing to get it out of the gate and run with anything we ever raced against . son has out grown it and im trying to clear out everything to it . i know in the day of big motors from the respected engine builders they were getting 3 to 4 grand for a big engine hear is 2 and they are as big as anything ever built if intrested call me at 863 984 2030 or email me at Mamashell2@verizon.net thanks for looking danny 1400.00

03-22-2013, 11:27 PM
What are you looking to get for the bike? Please send pics to jasonkwest@yahoo.com

Thank you,