View Full Version : Front bolt pattern drilling jig: JJ&A and more

03-06-2012, 08:52 PM
Alright guys so I finally have the front jigs done. The main reason I got these done was for people with jj&a 3 spoke hubs that want more than one set of tires but don't want to spend $$$ to buy the custom wheels; and for the sxs guys. You can also use them to drill honda (144) wheels to yamaha. But I'm not sure the center hole on the 144mm wheels will clear the tabs on the oem hubs, that's if the hubs have tabs, if not then the 144 wheels will fit w/ out modification. You cannot drill 156mm wheels to 144mm bolt pattern, not enough meat on the flat rounded center piece.

The jigs are laser cut and made out of 1/8" steel, unlike the rear jigs which were made out of 1/4" steel. By doing the cost drop a bit, and I'm passing those savings to you. The jigs have 156, 144, 137, JJ&A, 115, and 110.

Price is $36 shipped. If you recently bought a rear jig you can have the front ones for $32 shipped.

Paypal is rleojeda@aol.com. If you do send money please make sure there's an address to ship.


Here's a pic of my quad with regular wheels drilled with the jj&a bolt pattern.


04-23-2012, 02:16 PM
These have to go; have 20 left....$20 shipped each.