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10-11-2010, 03:23 AM
this is my son doing a lap on the kiddie track (keep in mind this is after I rebuilt the jump with my boots a flap of cardboard and salt water that I had to scale a cliff with a rope and bucket to get, no seriously, next time I'll get a vid of that part too lol) so we didn't bother really hitting the adult track as it was totally destroyed and needed more than a confused piece of cardboard thinking it was a shovel to fix...

Noafulllap.mp4 video by hawaiianbasshead - Photobucket (http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u175/hawaiianbasshead/?action=view&current=Noafulllap.mp4&newest=1)

this is my kid getting a little more air off the jump since I was yelling at him to go faster LOL

fasterjump.mp4 video by hawaiianbasshead - Photobucket (http://s168.photobucket.com/albums/u175/hawaiianbasshead/?action=view&current=fasterjump.mp4&newest=1)

oh, and actually, it's slower power wise than the LT80 it felt like to me. I'm sure the tires are part of it so I'm thinking of putting the turf tamers on the rear or possibly a higher tooth rear or lower tooth front sprocket... it's got power off the line but after that it's kinda dead so maybe a really good ported top end and a miled head possibly would help... not sure tho. we'll see, he needs to use all the power it has on tap before I add more...

here's some day shots of it as well...






can't wait to somehow get it going better. I was told it had a port job but it's definitely slower and less powerful than his mildly modded LT80... it definitely has a pipe and a pretty large carb. seemed to me to have a little punch down low but not enough power higher in the revs. the LT80 seemed to have ALOT of power up top too even when I put on some really high speed gearing lol

oh, mods include a trx250r frame modified and scaled off a cobra frame for dimensions, full 250r front arms, works shocks, steering, hubs, disc brakes ect. durablue axle, pro taper bars, AC pro peg nerfs, elka rear shock with compression and rebound adjust... and a nice blingy gas cap and breather LOL. not sure what else not sure if I really care lol. needs more power tho. so I think I'll start with the variator and sprockets and see what I can come up with. I want similar off the line punch, maybe even more punch, and ALOT more top end. so maybe a milled head and good porting will be needed but for now gearing and roller weights are the main adjustments I'll try..

oh, I got it from a buddy for $800, it also came with a box full of top end kits, a full spare motor that's a 110cc stroker (not gonna run it til he can't race in the 90cc class anymore or this motor goes and we absolutely NEED to use it to have a running bike. came with like 5 or 6 boxes of stuff, it has different weight rollers all brand new. top end gasket kits and stuff... didn't really look I mostly wanted the bike alone figuring the frame can hold a shifter motor later and I can use 250r stabilizer and long travel stuff. thinking fox float evols one day for it and my 450 so I can learn to air them for rider weight to optimize them for us better, we'll see... maybe just standard travel +2 arms would be a nice upgrade for now.

for some reason I can't do the pix in this thread, but here's pix in my thread in the suzuki mini section...