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11-29-2001, 05:40 PM
Our EXRiders.com Group Ride is going to be held April 5-7, 2002. Plan to meet in the front field by the entrance gate (located on your right as you enter the park) at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. crhye250r and I will try to get a banner or sign made so we can meet there and find each other. We will keep you updated.
Also, Dirt Wheels mag has been contacted via E-Mail by two members of EXRiders so hopefully we can get some coverage on our ride. Dont forget to bring cameras and plenty of clothes b/c it can get muddy. Invite friends and family no matter what kinda quad they own.....they are all welcome. Be sure you bring a few ropes and cables b/c you might need em if ya plan on muddin like me. Ive had to get pulled out or pull someone out 2 or more times both times ive gone. 4x4 Trucks and Buggies are welcome as well, there are trails for those as well.
:devil Hope to see everyone there!!!!!!!! :devil

Here is all the info from the site including links to maps and stuff...

Heres the prices...
OHV Permits Per Quad/Bike:

Valid April 1-Mar. 31
Annual: $45
7 days: $25
3 days: $15

Turkey Bay OHV Area Camping
Spring, Mar. 1 to May 15
$8.00 per night.

2,500 acres of trails in Turkey Bay, Land Between The Lakes' designated off-highway vehicle area. Pitch a tent in the camping area and get a good night's rest under the stars. You'll need it the next day to make it up those steep hills.

Turkey Bay has approximately 100 miles of OHV trails which cover a variety of terrain, offering something for every skill level. Flat meadows, mud bogs, rolling hills and rocky plateaus await the adventuresome!
The steep hillsides provide beautiful vistas and challenging terrain.

Watchable Wildlife
Three guesses how Turkey Bay got its name! A flock of wild turkey could surprise you on any trail, especially in thickly wooded areas. Deer are frequently seen in the meadows bordering the entrance road. Bald eagle sightings are common along the lakeshore. (Saw an Eagle myself first weekend I was up there)

Turkey Bay is a 2,500-acre area set aside for Off-Highway Vehicle use and camping. Located on the shores of Turkey Bay and Kentucky Lake, the area has varied terrain for all skill levels of OHV riders.

Camping is permitted in Turkey Bay OHV at designated camping areas near entrance road #157. Chemical toilets and unloading ramps are available. A complete description of fees and camping guidelines is available at our Virtual Visitor Center.

Want to take a virtual tour of Turkey Bay? Be sure to visit the OHV section of our web site.

Off-Highway Vehicle use is permitted only in the Turkey Bay OHV Area. An LBL OHV permit is required, and all OHV's must be registered with LBL.

All riders are required to wear approved safety helmets while vehicles are in operation, except in vehicles with fully enclosed metal cabs and/or roll bar protection.

Operators and passengers of motorized vehicles, except motorcycles and ATV's, must use a fastened seatbelt while the vehicle is in use.

OHV's must have properly functioning spark arresters and mufflers.

Riding is permitted from sunrise to sunset only.

No person under age 16 may operate an ATV with an engine size exceeding 90 cc displacement and no person under age 12 may operate an ATV with an engine size exceeding 70 cc, according to Kentucky state law. [i](This rule doesnt really exist, I have no problem riding and I am 15, my friends dont have any trouble either and they are as old as me. You only have to have an adult [18 yrs of age +] sign the release form.)

Under Kentucky state law, direct parental supervision is required at all times for persons under age 16 operating an ATV.

Use of alcohol and other controlled substances while operating an OHV is strictly prohibited.

Passengers are not allowed on ATVs or motorcycles while in operation.

Wildlife and plants are protected. Avoid running over young trees, shrubs and animals.

Those registering an OHV for use in Turkey Bay accept responsibility for all use of the vehicle. LBL is not liable for damage, loss or theft of personal property.

Ride at your own risk. Know your limits.

Here are the links....
Turkey Bay Main Site (http://www2.lbl.org/lbl/OHVGate.html)
Visitors Center Site, has maps and how to get to LBL from major cities. (http://www2.lbl.org/lbl/VisitorCenterGate.html)
LBL Maps (http://www2.lbl.org/lbl/VCMaps.html)
Main Trail Map of the Turkey Bay OHV Park, 89k (http://www2.lbl.org/lbl/LBLTurkeyBay00.pdf)

Is there anyway we can get this locked in at the top of the forum til the day of the ride? It would be helpful. Thx...

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not sure

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Theres 5

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Of course, IM THERE!!

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Hmmmm......no body is replin :confused: :huh

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you have to be 16:huh

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I have a question for you, how strict are they with spark arrester checks? B/c the shee is lacking in that department. lol


12-01-2001, 09:35 PM
No, u dont have to be 16, its just one of thier so called "laws" that they dont really care bout....im 15 and have no trouble and neither does anybody else I know that goes. And they dont even check the spark arrestors but just dont set the whole park on fire :eek: :rolleyes: They have 2 guards in a 10x10 guard shack and they dont do much....just give you the release form to fill out, get ur admission money, and give you the thingy to put on your handle bars for the weekend and thats bout it.

12-02-2001, 07:36 PM
Bump again... :cool: