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06-04-2010, 09:46 AM
Great Starter quad for someone begining in the 450 classes. I literally have 20 Grand invested into this quad, I am asking 5 grand, if I were to part it out I would get that easily, I dont want to part it out, but I will if the higher value items go first (ex. Shocks, aarms, swing arm, carb). I'm the original owner of this quad, I drove it off the show room floor in 2004. I also have all the stock parts for this machine that will go with it. I would trade for an LTR if someone was interested and it wasnt roached out. Here is a list of the aftermarkets from front bumper to rear grab bar.

AC racing bumper (powder coated black)
(front) ITP Baja wheels, ITP Quad cross tires
Lonestar Hubs (powder coated Green)
White Roll Design +2 long travel AArms
Alba brake line clamps (powder coated green)
Streamline +2 stainless steel braided brake lines
Roll Design HD Tie Rods
Steering Knuckles powder coated green
Headlight removed, tail light removed, light controls removed from the bars, reverse removed, key removed, temp/rev/N light cluster removed and rewired for push button start
Black headlight cover held in with safety wire
Motowoz long travel triple rate shocks with piggy back rezzies, fully rebound and compression adjustable. These shocks are the only ones like it on the planet, They were custom made and colored for me from Motowoz
Houser steering stem (Black) with Anti Vibe bar clamps (powder coated white)
MSR Bars
Moose Racing Clutch Perch
Moose Racing thumb throttle
Moose Racing Front Brake Master cylinder cover
Edelbrock throttle cable
ODI Lock on grips
Green Vent tube for gas cap
Oil Tank Powder coated white
UM black nerfs
Motor mounts powder coated white
Athena 440 Big Bore kit
Hinson Clutch Basket
Barnett Dirt Digger Clutch Kit
Edelbrock Carb
K&N Aluminum intake
UNI Dual Stage Oil Wetted foam air filter
red anodized timing inspection cap and red anodized Crank Hole plug
Yoshimura RS-2 Comp series full stainless Exhaust
Green CV4 Hoses
Black Verde gripper seat cover
(Plastics) New Black center section cut in half for easy removal, New Green fenders
Custom Graphics from Blown Concepts
Frame and Sub Frame Powder Coated Green
AC Racing Skid Plate
Alba Case saver and Block Off Plate
Lonestar Racing Hollow swing arm pivot Bolt
Alba Swing Arm powder coated white from black
Motowoz rear Long travel with remote rezzie, fully compression and rebound adjustable
Elka Linkage
Green rear Streamline stainless steel braided brake line
DID 520 ATV Chain
T.M. Design works chain guide
Titax front and rear sprocket (powder coated white)
Streamline Rotors
DuraBlue Eliminator +2 Triple chromed Axle
LoneStar Racing hubs (powder coated green) and Locking nuts on Axle
AC Racing Grab Bar W/number plate (powder coated black)
Douglas Yellow Label bead lock rear wheels with ITP Quad cross Tires
Yoshimura Mud Plugs in the wheels

06-04-2010, 09:50 AM
the front end

06-04-2010, 09:51 AM
the rear end

06-04-2010, 09:54 AM
sprocket view