View Full Version : Great info on round 2, Sikeston, MO

05-24-2010, 08:35 PM
Just wanted to give a little info on Sikeston Race Park. First thing I need to say it is an old school racers racetrack, lots of passing if your faster than the other guy you will be able to pass them. This is not a clay track that gets one lane blue groove where it becomes follow the leader, this track is loose dirt that get big cousions where you can rail the top or finess the bottom, it has to big 12 foot tall burms. Lap time at this track is 50 seconds. First impresions the pits are a little sandy no big deal they will keep it watered. Good day time racing will get a little dry and slick just about any track I have raced in the hot sun but then the sun goes down and all the water they put on though out the day comes back to the surface and the racing gets good. For tire choice I would say first choice will be Hoosier Crossblocks, second choice will be Hoosier tri-tracks, yes tri-tracks they still do make them. The promoter and all the workers have held aa atv national in 2002 at Benton, MO so they know what they are doing. In all I would say just give it a chance and at the end you will say hmmm that was a fun track. Just ask any of the past winners at Sikeston Race Park, Keith Little, Gregg Little, Jathan Seale, Chris Fristoe, Brandon Sullenger, Kyler Seabough, Danny McGraw, Joe Byrd, Jermey Schell, Jackie Meadows, Jason England, Mitch Reynolds, and lots more.