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05-17-2010, 08:06 AM
It was a great race day! The conditions were perfect and the layout was cool.
As far as scoring is concerned. Scoring 5/16 and the rest of the year is the responsibility of District-14 and not the promoter/club. The scoring issues 5/16 were the responsibility of the District 14 staff and equipment.
Portland Trail Riders and a couple other clubs fronted alot of $$ to the district to help them/us get started with a modern scoring system.
When this equipment was first considered it was used on a test basis very successfully but obviously has a learning curve. A rider wiping out the equipment during the race didn't help either..lol.
PTR pres. Luke Adams is going to be at the next round of Battle Creek with everyone's awards. Any desrcefancies should be taken up with the Hare Scramble chairman and/or rider reps.
Another piece of advice and I'm sure gonna be mandatory. HAVE YOUR QUAD ADEQUATELY NUMBERED AND LABELED FOR YOUR CLASS!!! This not only is good for all riders but is needed as a backup during scoring.
Heres the results:

A-class: awards to 4th
1 Chris Blough
2 Chris Lockhart
3 Paul Schulte
4 Nathan Byler
5 Bryan Scribner
6 Gregory Matson
7 Blake Fishwick
8 Chris Wanstead
9 Eric Wantstead

B-class: awards to 2nd
1 Kyle Kelley
2 Garrett Arthur
3 Paul Thornton
4 Keil Kauffman
5 Adam Murphy
6 David Letts

C-class: awards to 12th!
1 Tyrone Darling
2 Gary Vandenboss
3 Ryan Reed
4 Jason Mulligan
5 Anthony Lietz
6 Robert (Michelin man) Miller
7 Robert Gallon
8 Nicholas Ramsey
9 Corwin Lupien
10 Terry Wantstead
11 Robert Hicks
12 Isaac Blough
13 Phil Stocksen
14 Adam Cook
15 Dustin Holcon
16 Gregory Ward
17 Aaron Klein
18 Mark Gotts
19 Steve Tarnowski
20 Scott Martinson
DNF Ronald (strong swimmer) Detzler

VET/30+:awards to 2nd
1 Lynn Smith
2 Peter Bengel
3 Danniel Brendel
4 James Cook
5 Mike Steinman

0-class/40+: awards to 1st
1 Phil Deschamps
2 Robert Lane

S-class/utility: awards to 2nd
1 Chad Teachout
2 Walt Schumacher
3 John Arens
4 Shaun Pung

05-17-2010, 08:25 AM
Well, they got my class straight as well as A & B, but I'm pretty sure C is still a little off, but that's not my fight.

While I will agree everyone should have number plates, I've got 2 issues:

1) It's Portland, which is the first race of the year and a LOT of people were there that had never done this before. I know it's in the rules and all that, but they don't know that, and making a big deal out of it on the line isn't the answer and may just alienate our new-comers. A subtle reminder will do and I hope that's how it's handled at Battle Creek

2) If number plates are required (which I totally understand and in the absense of helmet tags, I agree with) then we need to have them available for purchase. Electrical tape will make some perfectly readable numbers if you put it on a new white number plate. I have already decided that next year, if no one else is going to, I'll bring some to Portland 1 myself, and I might even have some for Battle Creek just to be sure...

Like I said, I don't disagree with any of what was said, I just hope they don't get real nasty about it on the line because they have once before and some friends and I went out and had full kits made up with front/rear and fender numbers that cost us quite a bit (because no one was making such a kit for the IRS quads yet so we had to pay a local graphics guy to make them) and 2 races later some new guys showed up who didn't have numbers all year and no one ever said anything again...

05-17-2010, 09:08 AM
Agreed Walt. Im only emphasizing as a racer that we are better off keeping ourselves covered. I remember several of us (stupid quad guys) being scolded at line and that was BS and exctly what I had in my mind when I watched them try to sort the results yesterday.
As you suggested on the phone yesterday we need either something on our helmets and/or numer plates.....at least a rear number plate either way.
Please noone take my caps locked as yelling. Im a racer not staff official and want it to go good for us.

05-17-2010, 11:14 AM
How do we protest the results if they are wrong I know b class is off since they did not have them up in time on race day
I was In second I know Kyle had first from that all I know is that Paul came in behind me and once I got by