View Full Version : Hey WORCS racers.. need some youth gear or tires and wheels??

04-05-2010, 04:02 PM
So Ive started a stock pile of gear that my kids just seem to grow out of as fast as we buy it . lol

Ill be bringing a few items to Racetown for anyone interested in buying a extra set of race gear for there kids . I hate just watching this stuff sit and collect dust in the garage if someone can get some use out of them.Brandon grew like a weed this winter and cant wear any of it. Kelsey has some in there as well.

Here is links to the gear.. I can give you size info if interested in any of it .

Were cleaning out some of the stuff we dont use anymore and can bring as well to Racetown for anyone who might want them for MX or WORCS events .
Honda bolt patterns on wheels




04-05-2010, 04:14 PM
Pants-28 youth
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2009 Oneal Youth gearHelmet-Adult Small-75.00
add matching gear(shirt and pants) for 125.00 for full set.
Youth XL shirt -pants 28 youth
Same amt. of time in the white gear but because its white it has a few dirt spots on it .Gear has no wear spots since its newer.
30.00 for set for the White Oneal

Also.. Oneal set are ADULT SMALL- PANTS sz. 28
a few spots here and there...
Only 2 rides in this gear. Was Kelseys
$30.00 for set

last set is KLIM over the boot style pants
sz 28 adult
Small adult shirt
$50.00 for set

All prices are with no shipping . Would be good for someone who is at the track to pick up for cheap ! :)