View Full Version : Watch out boys

03-07-2010, 06:09 PM
My daughter turns 13 next week and has aged herself off the PeeWee track and into the Youth C class. I searched around a while and bought her a tired old MX quad, a DVX400, 2 weeks ago. I have taken it mostly apart, replaced what needed it and made it more XC friendly and put it back together in that time. We went out today to start the learning process; she's never ridden a quad with a clutch. She got it after just a little coaching and off she went and dang she looked good on it. She got a feel for the power right away (it has a 450 kit and a carb off a TRX450R) and was sliding it through corners in no time. Makes a daddy smile, especially after all the hard work I've put in to it.

This is me and her running through a little homemade XC course we put together.

Turning around a tree with my 7yo in the foreground and me in the background. Notice the very cool number plate on my 7yo daughters quad; made my Mike Dugas at All Out Throttle. Great work, thanks Mike.

Powering through a group of trees.

And this is my favorite. Look how she's tucked down low and has the power on throwing up piles of dirt and sliding around the corner. She's a natural...at this point she'd only been on a clutch quad maybe an hour in her life.

So watch out all the boys that are racing the Youth C class, here's one little girl looking to smoke ya.