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09-16-2009, 01:57 PM
This is a thread on atvnc.com
we would like for everyone on this site to come over and post your suggestions also.. maybe we can make a difference if we all stick together. you will find that alot of the EDT riders are already members there and alot of the EDT information is posted there, so please come on over and post your suggestions..


09-16-2009, 02:07 PM
I sure hope there is a way to save this series. It appears to me that no companies want to stand up and sponsor the series more then they already are, and I would suffice to say that with this horrid economy, some will drop out all together.

I love this type of racing and if the races were more centralized we would consider making it a staple in our program.

We have stood by the series non stop and will continue to covr the events.....let us know if we can help any more

09-16-2009, 02:16 PM
pappy you and harlen have been great to our series, without you guy's and atvriders we would not beable to find anything about our sport online.. I know at times some of us may forget to say thank you and let you know how much it means to have this site standing by us but believe me . we do and it means alot...

Here is something a rider from atvnc.com came up with and has started , dont know if you could or not but I think it would help if you could put it on the front page .. check it out and see what you think...

everyone else check it out to...


09-16-2009, 02:19 PM
No problem on the support....we do all we can.

It will take a grass roots movement to get people back to these races. Infact we would race this event if we could just to do a story on how easy it is to get into with a stock quad.

Its going to take the racers bringing a friend to try it out, its going to take the spreadof info just like your FB page and continued media coverage.

09-16-2009, 02:23 PM

Every little bit helps!

09-16-2009, 02:31 PM
thank you !! we would love to hear any suggestions you may have that would help us with this fight.. and how to go about getting things done ..

09-16-2009, 05:43 PM
Truthfully, I probably am not the best versed on this stuff, Foley would be who I would try to get involved. Im good at taking pictures and writing about things but havent been involved with the series enough to pass judgement or offer much

I do like alot of the ideas others are proposing!! Getting more racers and fans to the track is job #1

10-01-2009, 08:54 PM
This is a copy of one of the post I put on www.atvnc.com

They were talking about ways to promote the sport of ATV racing and how to make positive changes to the EDT series. Here was my response.

I love this thread. You guys have all got some great ideas.

-Use the same guy at all the races
-Put the races in front of fans
-Keep gate/entry fees to a reasonable level
-Good food at a decent price
-Grandstands to sit in, clean restrooms (ok that ones mine), showers, well groomed track
-Ladies night (hey offroadracer41, you stole that one from Bowman Gray didn't ya? lol)
-take the races to the fans, not out in bfe where no one can find you
-1 day events, (not sure I agree with this one, if you're traveling 6-8 hours might as well have some fun)
-Car pooling to races, why not, that's what I've always done, it's more fun and less expensive.
-Advertising the races, are you willing to help? ever heard of "Gorilla Marketing"
-Reduce the amount of classes, couldn't agree with you more. you only need about 6-8 classes. 30 classes to get everyone a trophy is ridicules, I'd rather beat 50 guys to get a trophy than 2 or 3 anyday.
-wider tracks with wider option lanes, great idea!
-more practice, more laps! I hear ya, I'm with you, fewer classes and 2 day events could definitely accomplish this
-Get the community involved, fire departments, churches, civic clubs, youth sports teams, schools, local chamber of commerces, etc. Sounds like a great idea, but who's going to do the leg work? It takes time and most of these promoters you complain about are doing the promoting on the side and don't have time to do all of this leg work. Any suggestions?

All in all this is just some of the great ideas I've seen on here. Keep'em comin! Maybe somebody will listen, maybe someone already has. I've been saying this stuff for years, I'm glad to see some of the others finally getting it too.

Question, if someone were to do all these things and provide a series that accomplished these things, would you support the series? would you be willing to help or just sit around and pick the series apart and find all the things wrong it? would you be willing to show up a day early and go to local businesses and set your quads up for a display and pass out literature for the weekends events? would you be willing to help organize the event if it helped ensure it's success?

These are the things that need to happen. Nascar, NHRA, IHRA, MonsterJam, Supercorss, World-of-Outlaws, all these series are hugh now, but none of them started out that way. They started with all the drivers helping out doing whatever their talents allowed them to do to promote the series and in many cases, they still do it to this day. But very few in the world of ATV racing does anything but show up, pay their fee, race, go home. and then complain how bad everything was.

Guys, just like these other sports, this is a community. And we need to treat it as such. The first order of business, if you really want this to succeed, is to change your format completely, you need a product you can sell to the public. You need to think. What sells? What does the public want? What will they pay to see? What do all these other sports offer that we don't? Let's see, first off, they promote their sport in any way possible, i.e. print media, electronic media, word of mouth, anything that let's the community know what's coming. How many people do you tell? Next and most importantly, they entertain, yes I said entertain. Now I'm not saying turn our sport into quadwars, I'm saying entertain. Rider pre race interviews, track crews all wearing same shirts, looking professional, rider pit crews, rider pre race introductions, lights, smoke, music, no not one announcer, 2 announcers feeding off each other. excitement from the riders and their crews when you win, close competition with lots of passing, don't condone fighting, but what about a conflict once in awhile, 2 riders having words and making people think they are going to fight with officials stepping in at the last second to stop it. Do you really think the first live TV event in NASCAR history, in 1979, didn't have Cale Yarborugh and Donnie Allison pull away and crash on the last lap and then fight, do you think that wasn't stagged. Many say yes, many argue no. but the results are the same, NASCAR is a world leader in motorsports entertainment!!! Am I right Jim Glenn?

Guys true racing doesn't get the masses involved, it's boring. Only the true "hardcore", often times fellow racers, are the only ones who care about that. And that's because they relate, either they know the riders involved, or they know what they are doing, and to them that makes it interesting. But what about the average joe in the stands who doesn't race, doesn't know any of the riders? what entertains him, guys getting out there and stretching out big leads, with a boring mono toned announcer who's only job is to call the next class? Would you pay to go watch something like that? I wouldn't. Why do you think you always hear of NASCAR making all these rule changes, it's to keep the racing close, example: look at the knobby class at the local EDT events, they are novice, often times stock quads, and there's tons of them. What do you see when the go to line, every body in the pits is now hanging over a fence to watch. Get the idea, competition, entertainment (who's going to crash first, who's going to get the holeshot? IT'S ENTERTAINING!!! That's why you throw you wrenches down and run to the fence for their race.

In closing, you could see this EDT rise from the grave that it's currently in if you want it to.

How many of you want, really, truly, want it to. Talk is cheap, writing words on this forum are even cheaper, because you're sitting behind a computer and not looking that man in the eye. BUT YOUR ACTIONS CAN'T BE DENIED, CAN THEY!!! Look around the corner for what's coming in 2010 and where you're going to race. Where are you going to spend your time, your money, your energy? Look at what's coming, some of you already have!!!

I think I've proven to many of you over the years my love of this sport. Have you?

Have a blessed day!

Randy Dinkins
2x MAATVA Promoter of the Year
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10-07-2009, 08:17 AM
Just wanted to share tis with you guys.

Chuckie, I love the suggestion. extra bonus points to make all races. that should keep'm committed. I think the 2 race points system is a must, that way they get something for being there if they have a bad race. with that you'd see guys scrambling if they break in a heat to get back and ready for the main. points are important, with the current setup, if you have a bad heat, or even a bad main, it could ruin your season.

I say everybody run a regional series with every series running the same classes, same rules, same fees, etc. take the top 5 "points" finishers from each class for these series and take them to one big showdown at Ashtabula. The US NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. Nick had the idea of every staying back and running regional and doin away with the current setup the other night and we ran with it, spawning newer and even greater ideas. would save every racer tons of cash on the traveling, and then every racer has a true goal to shoot for, and attendance would ski rocket. All the regional promoters kick into the pot so much per entry and that money would go toward helping pay the riders way to the championships, each series could host various fundraisers throughout the season to put money into the fund as well. (2 OF MY KIDS PLAY SOCCER, I'M A FUNDRAISER KING! You may not get all your expenses paid, but wouldn't it be nice if by qualifying to go you got handed a check to pay your hotel, or your entry fees, or food, or gas? wouldn't matter how you spent it, the point is, your series help to pay your way for you to go and represent! I'd even con some of the guys that didn't make it to go along and be a pit crew for me. that way they get to go and you can have some help from fellow riders who want to see you succeed. shouldn't always have to be on Dad's shoulders to turn every wrench and clean everything, not that weekend.

Next, when your team comes to the championships, each rider wears a racer "bib" (that's really what they call them), each bib is a different color representing their team, they will have the event sponsors logo on them, i.e. PEPSI, RED BULL, VERIZON, etc. and we would then have national media coverage from every industry magazine, website, and I could even get TV coverage.

Among all the individual championships we would even have a team championship for the regional team that earns the most points for the weekend. Also, talking about seat time, how about for the championship weekend we use a 3 race format with points paying in each one? no one ever said it had to be 2 races, that was just an idea someone had and it stuck, that's not a law.

just a few thoughts, your opinion!:D

01-04-2010, 10:17 PM
but if you have extra points for all the races the people with money will profit but for those of us who save for weeks to be able to make one will suffer do to the fact that we cant make all of them. i know that i ran pa last year got a 2nd and 3rd there won both at class at burch creek and won both at pine lake( i ran the 4 stroke c and production c classes) then didnt have to funding to run the last races so have to try and make it fair for ever one.

thats my 2 cents

01-27-2010, 02:22 PM
For what it was going to cost me to run 1 race and 1 class with my wife and 4 kids (which ALL are 8 and under down to 4) I could have took a trip to Vermont to see my brother... It's insane what you have to pay to get in, race, then all other costs there...

even with a bad economy, it's not right to pay so much for 3 days of racing, if your only going to run 1...