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05-01-2009, 09:22 AM
Frame: Tyson Racing complete chrome-moly +4 out front
a-arms: Tyson chrome
swinger: SLCQUADCUSTOMS +12 Ladder chrome
steering stem: Tyson
axle: JJ&A 40MM aluminum drag axle
carrier: JJ&A
hubs: JJ&A
locknut: JJ&A
bars: Chrome drag bars
Brake lines: rear only steel braided
front shocks: Marvin Shaw comp.
Rear strut: Marvin Shaw
rear rotor: wave rotor
Front Rims: Direct drive spindle mounts
Rear wheels : Douglas
Frame paint: Powder coated emerald green with gold flake
Throttle: stock with polished cover and billet thumb lever
Brake lever: Casacade Chrome


Front: Barn Guys custom Fibgerglass
Rear : Barn Guys custom Fiberglass
Paint: Base coat clear coat white 5 coats of clear
Seat custom shaved and covered
Fuel tank : stock with DUAL PINGLE petcock


Displacement: 392cc
Bore: 40 over
Cylinders: stock F.A.S.T full drag port on ALKY
Crank: Wiseco 4 mill long rod fully welded
Carbs: 39mm Kehins on Alky billet large bowls
Clutch: F.A.S.T polished lockup cover and clutch with billet basket
Clutch: straight cuts gears
Trans: F.A.S.T RACING 2-5 override cryon'ed treated
Head: Pro design Coolhead 21cc domes
Exhaust: Shearer Chrome OOF"S drag pipes with stingers SB/SF
Ignition: Dyna-tech and Nology spark plug wires
Shifter: Pro Design billet
Stator cover: F.a.s.t. racing billet
gearing : 17/18/40
Dipstick: Cascade billet
Reeds: Custom by F.a.s.t.
Pistons: Wiseco
Chain guides: T.M. DESIGN
Chain : RK X-RING

Makes 100hp -/+ at the rear wheels

Also have a Nitrous Express kit with 20 shot not on the quad in
the pics.

Quad wil run in mid 6"s in the 1/8 mile on motor over 100mph

Pics in link can't figure out how to add more than one.

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LOL was trying to put this as a Banshee of the month entry maybe a moderator can move the post .

Anyways see what you guys think.

All thats left is getting it airbrushed and NOS kit installed

05-01-2009, 10:27 AM
I like it. Just a little late for the quad of the month...this month's anyway.

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Yeah u have a good point busy at work guess being the end of the month slipped my mind