View Full Version : Caddo Point...in the books

02-16-2009, 09:45 AM
All is alive and well in the ATVCCS series down here in east Texas. The series ran it's season opener at Caddo Point in Cash, Texas, once home to the Maxxis 12 hours of America. The race course was in top shape with a mix of tight woods, fast, open sections, a little mud, some off-camber and of course the Miller Bros MX track(ran backwards).

We got a little rain in the days prior to race weekend which meant mud in the woods. The race course was altered slightly to bypass deep water and the woods were sometimes slick on the black clay two-track.

Saturday saw the running of our C Program at 1:30 followed by a buddy race at 3:30. These two races along with the help of light winds the race course was much drier for the Sunday races. The B Program race rolled off at 9am and ran for 70 minutes. The A Program race started at 11:30 and ran for 90 minutes.

The weekend saw it's fair share of mangled metal, flat tires and toasted top ends. The funny thing that you always see more often at a season opener is the look on the faces of the first-time racers. You know the look, many of us have been there, but it is always interesting to see again. I remember one first-time racer that I passed 4 times during the race. He was sitting off to the side with his broken-down quad, and every time I passed, he waved, as if to say, "keep pushing," "looks fun, I wish I were still out there," or something to that effect.

It's hard to capture the raw emotion of an XC race on a computer screen, if you've ever experienced one then you know, and if not, and you're anywhere near east Texas, then come on out and check out an ATVCCS race for yourself. Or better yet, bring your quad and join us, we'd love to have you.

For more info and race results, visit ATVCCS (http://www.atvccs.com)