View Full Version : No love for the Arctic Cats from GNCC???

10-09-2008, 06:30 PM
I just read on quick fill that gncc will allow the factory polaris team to race the new sportsman 850 in the morning 4x4 class. The limit is 840cc which is exactly what the oulander is. It IS can am gncc racing and we already know that they spread their factory boys amongst the classes regardless of the talent in each class. Why have they not allowed the new thundercat 950 to race? I race an AC 650 and this makes me angry that they wont allow it. Are they really scared that Jesse and Josh West will win a title on it? (honestly I dont think anybody can beat Buckhannon or Swift consistantly) Jesse did the GNCC series in 07, won the triton, should have won steele creek(broke a hub) if im right, and did it on a 700. Somebody please fill me in...Can am bashes arctic cat more than anybody else in their marketing videos for the outlander. I would like to see them take on the thundercat too. Is it a factory contingency issue?