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08-31-2008, 11:04 AM
wow a a blast me and my buddy had yesterday at the Steel City ama mx nationals with the ama mx atv invitational. I never went to see any mx atv races and i am such an avid atv rider i finally got to get enough cash and traveled 3 hours down to watch the race. all the pro atv racers were super friendly [ wimmer, gust, natalie, upperman, hoodman, pat brown] and made me really feel like we all are one big family! and that is why i am truely an atv fan/rider. i dont know too many other sports where the pro riders/athletes will take the time to BS with you about their machines and take pictures with you and that are actually listening to you when you talk to them. dont get me wrong the motocross pros are great guys too but i bet less than half the fans there at that race were there to see the quads race. it was truely a great experience to be apart of the the whole mx atv racing. me i am an xc racing guy but had my blind fold on to the mx scene but now that blind fold is off and now will give credit where credit is due. you atv mx racers rock! keep doing what you do cuz some day you will look back {like me right know} and say "wow i wish i would of tried that when i was younger that looks like alot of fun". so i just wanted to say thanks to steel city, the racers, all the sponsors there, and to all you atv mx racers that are out there busting your hump trying to make it to the pro's in any series, for giving me one of the most memorible times i have had it a long time!!! if anyone has had this kind of experience let me know what you thought.

BK 2007 YFZ450
09-03-2008, 12:45 PM
I definitely agree - I really enjoy going to the ATV races where the Pros actually care to talk to you. I have been fortunate that I have lived in an area where I could go to one MX and one GNCC a year.

10-17-2008, 06:06 PM
Yeah all the guys are really nice at National mx races.... I was signing up at Ballance MX right next to Wimmer. they are just normal guys with a kick *** Job.... I Rode with Chad Wienen a couple weekends ago and he is the coolest guy around IMO... very stund-up guy. I think he would have won the championship had he not been injured all year at least he got to win Steel City invite