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August 17 2008 AGP Photos, Story and Results!

Round #5 of the Atlantic Grand Prix series was another huge success raising close to $8000 for the local non profits all in the name of promoting responsible Cross Country racing.





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AGP Attendance continues to grow with close to 350 riders making there way to the Barnegat Grand Prix. Of those 17 were Pro ranked riders and 300+ were amateur ranked racers plus close to 70 youth racers. Because of all of you the Atlantic Grand Prix series raised close to $8000 for local non profits all in the name of promoting responsible cross country racing.

Overall race winner on bikes was Pro Pilot Suspension's James Kapiton and the overall race winner on Quads was team Rockstar Suzuki Chris Borich.

Barnegat NJ- August 17th 2008 Round 5 of the Atlantic Grand Prix series was another great weekend for a race. Conditions leading up to the event were near perfect for an August South Jersey event with thunderstorms dumping rain on and off all week long. The soil had just the right amount of moisture to keep most of the dust down and the roosting primo. Areas out on the the course where water had accumulated during the week made for some interesting line selections. Sunday morning the day of the race, the sky was again clear with temps were in the low 60s. Race time temps were expected to be in the mid 80s.

The morning Peewee event: started at 8:50 and ran for 30 minutes. Winning the overall PeeWee event was 65cc (7-9) racer Russell Steel out of Browns Mills NJ followed by 50-110 EL racer Cortney Abrams out of Belmont NJ and 50cc racer Chuck Rostine from Barnegat NJ.

PeeWee Class winners were: 1st 50cc (4-8) class was Todd Minshall followed by Jim Christman in 2nd. In the 50-110EL (10-12) class Jarrett Hunt snagged 1st. In the 50-110EL (4-8) class Cortney Abrams grabbed 1st followed by Karly Morgan in 2nd. In the 50cc oil injected class Chuck Rostine pulled off a well earned 1st, followed by Nathen Szwed in 2nd and Tylar Varga in 3rd. Winning the Quad event in the 70cc (6-11) class was Aj Garreffi followed by Lea Concepcion. In the Quad 50cc Stock you had Julian Coffing out of Toms River, NJ taking 1st followed by William Schaab in 2nd and Justin Harps in 3rd.

The Youth Quad race which started close to 11:00 am and that race was a 45 minute event. Those racing that event included AGP and GNCC regulars like Nicholas Majors, Brian Thorson, Allie Slate, Dennis Baker, Andrew Thorson and Adam Yaple. Close to 20 AGP racer showed up for that race. When the checker dropped Brian Thorson quickly positioned himself as the race leader. Running in second was Taylor Johnson followed by Darren Miller. As the race wore on Brian Thorson continued to hole onto his lead and actually open it up to 5 minutes when the checker flag dropped. After a bad start Nicholas Major battled his way up from 4th to second. Grabbing 3rd overall was Allie Slate who was running in 90cc Limited.

Youth Quad Class winners were as follows: 1st 90cc Modified (12-15) Dennis Baker, 90cc Modified (8-11) Brian Thornson, 90cc Limited (11-15) Allie Slate and in 90cc Limited (8-10) Kenneth Larson.

The Adult Quad race: brought out some of the regions fastest Quad racers including GNCC National #2 Team RockStar Suzuki’s Chris Borch, as well as the previous AGP overall winner Sean Neidlinger, Steven Stracka, Rob Hertz, Tom Hartman, Blake Kramer, Rob Houghkirk, Ralph Johnson, Josh Whithead and Tom Wright were also in attendance. In the A class Jason Ellis made the trek from York PA and local GNCC/AGP regular James Eaton out of Lindenwold NJ showed up. Dan Bushe from West Milford NJ and Richard Sharky from Hammonton NJ were also present. Conditions come race time was real nice and again the temps were in the mid 80s with low humidity. The course was the full 7.5 miles made up of 4 miles of woods and 3.5 miles of open fields and grass tracks. On the first row it was all the fast XC1Pro riders, on the second row it was the A rows riders followed by B rows and C rows . Also in attendance was a very large contingent of Utility ATVs. Including Can-Am’s Jamie Bougher and Rich Cecco, as well as Suzuki riders Joe Borch and Kevin Mowery and Yamaha rider Gregory Condon.

So on to the race!... The 10 second warning was called followed by the drop of green flag! Right off the line Borich grabbed the holeshot with Blake Kramer, Rob Hurtz and Josh Whitehead right on his heels. Wave after wave left the starting line but maybe the most impressive start was was watching Can-Am’s Rich Cecco motor away on his Can-Am 800 Renegade. After about 17 minutes it was Borich first through the scoring barrels, followed by Blake Kramer, Rob Hertz, Josh Whitehead and Sean Neidlinger. In Junior A Jame Eaton came through the barrels 1st followed by Dan Bushe, Stefanie Verkade and Lee Dickerson. After about an hour and 30 minutes Chris Borich, was 1st to the checker flag, 2nd overall went to Sean Neidlinger, 3rd to Steven Straka. The rest of the top 10 overall are as follows: 4th Jason Ellis, 5th Rob Hertz, 6th James Eaton, 7th Thomas Hartman, 8th Dan Bushe, 9th Blake Kramer and 10th overall to Richard Sharky.

Class winners were as follows: 1st XC1Pro Chris Borich out of Sunbury PA, 1st in Collage A Jason Ellis out of York PA, 1st in Junior A James Eaton out of Lindenwald NJ, 1st in Vet A Richard Sharky out of Hammonton NJ, 1st in Collage B Dustin Worner out of Havon PA, 1st in Junior B Scott Taylor out of Flanders NJ, 1st in Vet B James Wilson out of Forest Hills MD, 1st inSenior 40+ Thomas Meeks out of Southampton NJ, 1st in 16-19 C Randy Hamilton out of Southampton NJ, 1st in 20 C Matt Herburt out of Southampton NJ, 1st in 24+ Matt Jankovitz out of Randolf NJ, 1st in 30+ C Richard Dantonio out of Swedesboro NJ, 1st in 36+ C Robert Cornish out of Pemberton NJ, 1st in U2 Richard Cecco out of Mechanicsburg PA, 1st 4x4 Open Joe Borich out of Sunbury PA, 1st in 4x4 Lites Larl Vanassen out of Washington NJ, 1st in 4x4 Limited Bryan Vanassen out of Washington NJ, 1st in Youth Production 13-15 Dylan Kramer out of Schuykill Haven PA, 1st in Sport 0-400 David Neher out of Clayton NJ, 1st in Super Senior Thomas Vasco out of Washington NJ and 1st in Woman’s Barbaro Epsaro out of Teaneck NJ

AGP Pro rider CASH payout for both Quads and Motorcycles was again well received with 1st Pro winning $300, 2nd Pro winning $200 and 3rd Pro winning $100. A-class riders also did real well with each A-class rider nabbing $100 for a class win $75 for 2nd and $50 for third. All A, B and C class payouts were based on the AMA formula of 1 payout for every 3 riders in class. B and C class riders got really cool 12x15 Plaques from Gear Designs who are the same people that produce the GNCC awards.

ATV attendance was around 150 riders for the day and dirt bike attendance for the day was at around 200 riders. Total gate proceeds raised for Barnegat township community based non-profits and charities was close to $8000 for the weekend... So again you and the AGP series made cross country racing respectable once again.

Atlantic Grand Prix would also like to thank our sponsors and they include Can-Am ATV, Moose Racing, ITP Tires, Scott USA, Husqvarna Motorcycles, P3 Pirie Performance Products, North American Warhorse, Montgomeryville Cycle Center, Mount Holly Powersports, Cycleworld of Cherry Hill, Mt Holly Kawasaki and Suzuki, Hanover Powersports, Sport Honda Powerhouse, Southern Ocean Cycle Center, Xtreme Machines, Trick Racing, Hamilton Yamaha, The Quad Builder, Pro Pilot Suspension, ATV Riders.com and MotocrossSupport.com

In closing I want to remind everyone that riding on private property in Barnegat NJ without written permission is punishable with up to a $1000 fine, We only have permission to be on this property the weekend the event is taken place and anyone that come back onto this property is only going to jeopardize future event, so please respect the neighbors and only use this property when there is an event taken place and please use an exhaust system that complies with the AMA 99 dBA limit.

Hope to see you all on September 27th and 28th at AGP Round 6 of the Unadilla NY GNCC/AGP National.

For more information photos and results go to http://www.AtlanticGrandPrix.com/AGPround508.html

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i want to race one of them so bad