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05-11-2008, 02:30 PM
I told Harlen if he put a CORR Section up, I'd do my best to cover the CORR UTV races for him, while I'm racing the series as well!

For anyone who doesn't know who or what CORR is, it's the Championship Off Road Racing Series, owned and run by Jim Baldwin and his family. The Baldwins are Pro desert truck racers as well as land developers from California.

Founded in 1997, CORR has grown into one of the premier off-road racing series in the country with 26 total rounds of racing in eight divisions covering the Pro and Sportsman Series. In 2004, 167 drivers from 20 states and Canada competed in the CORR Lucas Oil Series. 84 hours of exclusive Championship Off Road Racing action is covered on the Speed Channel network.

While CORR had originally been a midwest series, it has gradually been moved to the West Coast (thankfully!) and has attracted numerous new West Coast based offroad racing teams.

If any of you are desert racing fans, you might recognize some names such as Alan Pflueger, Pistol Pete, the Leduc's, etc. For those of you who follow SX, you will know who McGrath, Naughton, and Johnson are.....and there are other new names from other crossover sports this season such as Shannon Campbell (rock crawling champ) and Brian Deegan (FMX - Metal Mulisha founder) - all of these people have fallen in love with the CORR Series, and will be competing in 2008 with many, many other well-known racers!

While the bulk of CORR racing is mostly the big trucks (Pro 4, Pro 2, and Pro Lite), fortunately for us, there are other classes as well, such as Pro Buggy, Single Buggy, UTV's and Trophy Karts!

Last season was the first season UTV's were given a class. It was a trial run, and was so successful that CORR promised us a place within their series for a couple of years to come - this is the first year that UTV's are a CORR run class! We have also heard rumors that we might even get some exposure this season on one of the two major networks that broadcast each CORR round. NBC, and Speed Channel! While NBC focuses only on the trucks, Speed has been rumored to possibly be showing clips of the action in the other classes as well this year - which hopefully means the UTV's!

For more information on CORR and what it entails, check out www.corracing.com - and for coverage and pics of the UTV races, keep checking back in this section of the forum!!!

2008 CORR Race Schedule

Pomona,CA - April 26-27
Primm, NV - May 17-18
Pomona, CA - June 7-8
Chula Vista, CA July 26-27
Pomona, CA August 16-17
Chula Vista, CA Sept 13-14
Primm, NV Oct 25-26
Chula Vista, CA Dec 6-7

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Cool deal!
A great addition to the Coverage section...:cool: