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01-04-2008, 09:35 PM
Bakersfield, Ca- 1/2/08: ATVriders.com is back in WORCS Racing in 2008. ATVriders.com, a nationally based ATV press coverage will once again feature WORCS Racing in one of their many series in 2008. ATVriders contributors Harlen Foley & Tina Lugan will be covering the 8 round series starting January in Phoenix and finishing out in Taft, Ca in October at the finals. ATVriders.com covers everything ATV from MX to TT racing. More information can be found at www.atvriders.com, click racing and check out the WORCS page. Videos, photos and interviews are amonst the wide variety of press found on their site.

Jason Reed- WORCS Racing

Congrats Tina. You do an excellent job covering the WORCS series. I hope you get a little more recognition this year for the time and effort you put into covering each race, not to mention trying to keep Kelsey and Brandon going at the same time.

Keep up the great work

01-05-2008, 12:14 AM
Thank you, I really appreciate that....
As long as everyone enjoys the pics and videos,that makes it all worth while.. ;) The Admin. has helped me ALOT in 07 in learning a few things-thanks Harlen!
Id also like to thank my Husband Troy for all he does with the videos. Not sure too many knows that he does all the filming of the Pro and Pro Ams.
I dont know too many people that will climb up on top of a grainery to film the Pro Main Race . LOL :p

We will once again do our best to bring everyone the best in Race Coverage, photos,videos and Interviews for the 2008 WORCS season. Theres some very exciting things happening in the upcoming season.
See you in Phoenix!