View Full Version : Kazuma Meerkat 50 performance?

12-30-2007, 05:32 PM
Yeah, I know it's no racer but just looking for a little bit.

Will some carb tinkering, a free'r flowing filtration system and some exhuste work wake it up ?

I've heard these ATV's have factory restrictions in the intake and exhuste ?

My 5 year old will be stepping up to his brothers Eton 70 in the summer but until then I need him to be content riding the little 50 4stroke.


01-08-2008, 04:33 PM
first their is no retrictors eaither in the exhaust or intake area, i purchased 2 meerkats for our 2 grandkids in late 2003, these are the biggest pos ever that ever came out of china, nothing but caburator, electrical problems. also they have a rotary simi automatic transmission, in others words you keep shifting it goes from 1st gear to 2nd gear to 3rd gear to 4th gear back to 1st gear, and start all over again, very poor design, also for a 4-6 year old kid it very hard to shift up and down, most parents usally just leave it in 2nd or 3rd gear and remove the shifter, an automatic transmission would be a lot nicer for this age group, if the rear drum brakes gets wet they will rust and stick and quit working, we also had a problem with the chain, it kept coming off, that was fixed only after spending $35 each for new chains, also it seemed every time they rode the atv's we needed to adjust the valves afterwards, also on both atv's within an hour of each other, the handle bar switches on both started smoking and quit working. i could go on and on with more problems, this is a good atv to stay away from. remember if you do decide to buy one and gutted out the exhaust or change the intake you will hafta rejet, and i bet you won't beable to find larger jets

03-02-2008, 12:58 AM
we have one of these quads as well. I have to agree with the shifting problem, dang thig is kinda hard to shift even for me lol. I took a stock CRF50f pipe and put it on and also got a U I drop in filter. Runs ALOT better now. It is however alot louder now too.