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11-19-2007, 07:27 PM
I had the pleasure to race my stock 525 vs. fully modified 450's at Budds Creek this weekend. The KTM has just as much power stock as most modified 450's (not mine). My lap times were slowed definitely in the corners because of the width. This lowered my comfport level because I could not go into the corner as hard as I was use to. Suspension was another factor. It was not as plush and as friendly as my elka's and custom axis. My hands were ripped for the bars 3 times in 3 moto's due to not having a stabalizer or dampener. The pipe was to quiet that it was hard to hear when to shift gears. My stock heel guards ripped totally (picture to follow) off the bike due to the roughness of the breaking bumps and gullies. I tightened up the suspension in between motos but the heel guards still rubbed the ground on the high speed rough stuff.
In moto 1, the KTM would not start due to a blown fuse so I asked for 2 minutes and ran back to the trailer and jumped on one of my modified Hondas. They dropped the gate as I approached, so I started in 14th and made it back into a fight for 3rd by end of lap 2 until I recked (picture to follow). Moto 2 on KTM, I was 3rd to the hole, and ended the race in sixth. I was passed in the corners. Thats were I lost most time. The next day, I finished 5th and 4th. This was the 30+ class which consists of a good mix of A,B and C riders.
Some of the riders who finished in front of me while I rode the KTM in my 2 years racing, I beat easily on my honda all day everyday. You can imagine the trash they were talking. I believe you can do very well in C class and fair in B class with a stock KTM but you won't compete at the next level at all unless you modify. I can't wait for the aftermarket parts to come out so I can show the world what the KTM can really do.

11-19-2007, 07:38 PM
Picture might be hard to see but one is totally gone and the other has flipped underneath the tire.

11-19-2007, 08:12 PM
damn....what the hell do u look like after that weekend of racing...that must off been one nasty get off on ur honda

11-21-2007, 07:20 AM
yeah after a hard impact and bottoming out the rear, and a lot of calf pressure on the heel gaurds the back wheels grab the top of the heel plastic heel guards. I have the same issue but not to that degree. Hoping that when the rest of my hard parts get in, if ever, the KTM nerfs with heel guards will eliminate this issue.