View Full Version : need help with our 80s and help appreciated

10-03-2007, 09:03 PM
Alright we have 2 raptor 80s fairly new, one just blew up
so we are trying to make her run great in the super stock class
what do you think we should do
also would love front end conversion tips and plans for both of them
thank you for any help
it is greatly appreciated by two very young racers
and their family

10-08-2007, 10:45 AM
not sure what super stock is but raptor80racing.com has big bore kits, exhausts, CDIs, tires, rims, wheel spacers, carbs. etc ... for upgrading the Raptor 80. as far as the front end goes I don't think that there is a specific IFS replacement for the Raptor 80, but I've seen a Raptor 80 with a blaster front end welded to it on one of the forums.

contact forum member White7 he apparently has done the front end conversion.