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07-24-2007, 10:03 AM
I ride a sport quad, but I camp weekly with about fourty people and most have side x side units. They all say the fastest and most powerful is the artic cat. there is 1 cat, 3 rhinos, 5 rangers, 2 mules, a gator and lots of quads.

The artic cat did have problems at first for about 6 weeks then the dealership called it a lemon and gave the guy a brand new unit. They took his and gave him another one off the showroom. That is impressive and keeps me thinking that a cat is the way to go.

Performance... almost all of them have aluminum rims and mud tires. they mostly run bigger 589's. They all go about anywhere except the rhinos actually seem to get hung up a bit more. The ranger definitely has an advantage with the bench seat and being able to carry three people. Many of these units have a jeep seat in the bed for the kids to sit in with seatbelts. The unit with the biggest advantage is the mule with two rows of seats and the extendable bed, but it lacks a bit on power. The cat and the rangers seem to hold an advantage in overall performance.

Looks... The cat is the best looking except for the rhino se. overall the real looks thing is personal, so look at them and pick one.

Mods.. Tires and rims have been put on alnost every unit. the 14 inch rims seem to be the way to go, since we ride legally on roads from property to property for trail rides. Some have chips or boxes, but that generally is only for top speed which is only for bragging rights. The exhaust is kept stock for noise reasons at the places we ride. They all have a roof and many have doors for the winter. The windshield is deemed necessary and the ranger holds an advantage with the flip up version.
The mod that is getting the most action is stereos. The rhino seems to be the easiest to get one into with speakers overhead on the bars in boxes.

Overall, they are all owned to have fun and hopefully this thread gets more ideas out there.

Get out and ride.