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06-11-2007, 06:56 PM
I race in the WORCS series but since I'm not able to make this next race in Washington I might have the opportunity to race in the ITP QuadCross on the 23rd of this month, however, I cannot find any information on requirements, time of races, rules, etc?

How do numbers work? Are there specific color codes lke WORCS...for instance I run Yellow background black numbers right now for Womens B and then Black Background with White numbers for the Production C class....so how does ITP do theres?

Also what about the number itself? My number is 143 can I use the same number in ITP? That would obviously make things a lot easier...

Do they use transponders like WORCS or any other kind of fees I need to know about? DO I need to be a member of some organization or association?

I've looked on the ITP Website as well as Glen Helens and found nothing!

Thanks guys!!

06-11-2007, 11:47 PM
I just use a white background with black numbers and so does mostly everybody else. I dont think there are regulations on that. You could use your number if nobody else in the same class you are racing has that number. You need a kill switch and all your safety gear to race. There is no membership to race this series. Its pretty simple and nothing complicated to race it and its alot of fun and there are plenty of classes and other racers. Hope to see you there. Ill be on a black trx450r #38.:)