View Full Version : 2005-2007 LTZ 50/KFX 50 FREE exhaust upgrade

05-22-2007, 09:30 PM
the only engine/trans performance upgrade to my sons 2006 ltz 50 ive done, was to remove the clutch restrictor ring which made a difference but it still was a pig up any kinda hill. i pulled off the exhaust to see if there was a restrictor washer at the head, no washer. i then pulled the baffle out of the pipe, BINGO, the baffle has tiny holes that are covered with a fine mesh screen that plug easily, i dont know how this thing actually breathed. heres what i did.

remove two 8 mm bolts that hold the baffle in at the end of the pipe and pull baffle out.

take a sawsall or hacksaw and cut the perforated end of the pipe with screen off (about 2 inches) and throw it in the trash

reinstall baffle locktite bolt

now that the exhaust can flow the bike has way more power, goes up hills, sounds louder/cooler but is not obnoxious, has some backpressure still, and the plug has good coloring so there is no jetting issues to address....................and the best part its FREE.

12-29-2007, 06:16 AM
I've done the exhaust mod, then went a couple steps further. The air box is restricted to, I drilled a few more holes in the end of the air intake on the box, then pulled the carb and drilled the jet out one size bigger, I think two sizes would be better. This thing really runs great now.

02-01-2008, 06:43 PM
So I see you say to unbolt the two 8mm screws to remmove the baffle. So might next question is are running a stock pipe, cause my 07 does not have any screw to take out. It is one full piece for the exhaust and the muffler is one solid piece so the end cap will not come off. I also read about drilling holes so it can breath better and install a bigger jet, but what about the cdi. I 've read that the cdi is bad and to fix it you will need to buy an aftermarket cdi, is this true? Thanks for the help!

03-02-2008, 07:23 PM
slot of guys are running the ltz90 cdi and getting the best results. i guess with the dynatek one they have stalling issues. i just got my sone one and have been researching this quite a bit.after he gets to be a better rider by mid summer or so i will be doing a pipe or pipe mod, airbox mods, 90 cdi, and clutch weights to create a higher stall speed to get it a bit more into the power before it takes off.should run pretty decent then.

lt80 dad
03-30-2008, 08:47 PM
ct racing (562-945-2453)makes a kit i believe inc. cdi box , full exhaust air filter and jets. there's also a 3 tooth larger rear sprocket for take offs . as far as your mod your cutting your spark arrester off , for the person with the newer bike there's one screw on the bottom side at the very tip of the exhaust take it out the spark arrester should slide out save yourself the trouble of cutting it and just leave it out and now you can re-install it if you ever want or need to unless you ride somewhere that requires and inpects them it won't hurt anything to run without it