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02-25-2007, 09:40 AM
Hello Everyone,

Well back on Jan 8 2007 I made a deal w/ Mike Froscello ( AKA mikeLTZ435 ) on some tires and wheels ( Front 4-1 yellow label w/ kenda's and rear 8" beadlocks w/ hole shots ) and some front brake lines. he wanted 380.00 for all shipped and he wanted to buy my LCD 17" computer monitor for 100.00 so I then paypal'd him $280.00 that night.The next day shipped out my monitor to him. It took a week and half and I got my FIRST package ( the front rims and brake lines but the rim had maxxis tires on them) so I PM'd him and told him I wanted the kenda's I paid $50.00 extra for the kenda's and that is what I wanted! and that I didn't get my rear beadlocks w/ tires! He makes up some stories......so...... another 1-2 weeks go by and still nothing so after lots and lots of cell phone calls and pm no replys back . Then he replys and tells me his wife sent out the other stuff and he would send me out the front kenda's also....so we wait.... mean while I pm and told him I was looking for a +4 axle. He said his buddy had one so... 4-5 days go by and I pm again still NO stuff and NO info on the axle finally he pm'd me back said my stuff is coming and I could paypal him for the axle ($160.00) and his buddy would send it right out to me! So.... me and my buddy made a deal on some stuff and he want ahead and paid Mike though his paypal for the axle for me... (that was on Jan 15, 2007) to this day I have yet to get the axle. But did get the rear bead locks (just rims) and the front kenda's tires. but NO rear tires or axle! Now he won't answer email's, Pm's , cell phone calls nothing! so.... I contacted paypal for the money I sent him on the tires and wheels and they tell me. Since this deal was made w/o useing ebay that there was nothing they could do since I got some of my stuff and not everything. They have no way to prove this at least w/ ebay they could look at the ad. So mike at this point Has (F@#ked me) on my rear tires. Well I still don't have my axle either at this point either my buddy paid for me too... So my buddy contacted paypal since He hasn't got nothing for what he paid for . He want ahead and escladed to a claim and paypal email him ( MIKE ) and gave him 10 days to reply! So we wait AGIAN!

Well he ( Mike ) replyed to paypal that night and gave them a tracking number and said he sent the axle out! Well the tracking number he gave paypal was from one of those packages that he sent me on my dealings w/ him ( Mike ) The package contained the front kenda's he owed me. So now I have no proof to show paypal that it was tires not a axle.... I'm very sorry for the long message but wanted to explain everything to you!


Anyhelp would be VERY helpful!

If anyone know him, rides w/ him He race in the NEAT-MX series #6

This guy dosn't need to be screwing people over so buyers beware of any dealing w/ HIM!

PLEASE email me w/ any info you can give me at modrevx@sbcglobal.net


02-27-2007, 05:12 PM
OK ! Everyone,

Mike has contacted me via phone! He told me that the maxxis rears got returned back to him ( Bad Addy Maybe? who knows)and as for the Holeshots He was waiting to send them out because I was sending him the cable ( Never said that I said I would ship it out when I got ALL my stuff) so.... because of the long wait he has now got rid of the Holeshots to someone else. He said he could ship me out the maxxis in the NEXT day or two.


AS for the axle mike's buddy told hom he had shipped it out BUT we have got nothing to this day so I would have to say HIS buddy NEVER sent it out! He told me he was going to get ahold of him tonight and see what the "F" is going on and he was going to call me back tonight So....

AS for now Mike's being a man and is trying to take care of this. We'll see if comes though w/ what he said!

I'll keep you ALL posted and I want to think everyone that has stuck behind me!