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11-28-2006, 10:19 AM
I'm setting up a TT quad and am curious about the number plates. I have a number that I would like to run but I didnt know how that worked. Can I run a double digit? I will probably be running the B class in my first year. Just don't want to spend the money then have to redo them. Also are there required background color or can I do a matching theme with my quad.

11-29-2006, 10:05 PM
B class number plates have to be red background with white numbers.
Normally at the seasons first race of the year all rider numbers are posted that ran the year before, so you will have to choose then what number you can run.
You must have a plate mounted on the front, both sides & one on the rear & not pull tyed to the grab bar.
Must be mounted solid as not to move or rotate in any way hendering read ability.

You can go to http://www.atvaonline.com under extreme dirt track & theres a listing of the riders from last year, their number, finishing order & points & you can pick a number nobody has.