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09-12-2006, 01:15 PM
I just got back from the ATV WORCS race in Monticello, UT.

Here are some samples of what i came back with. Due to the weather I didn't get all the classes.

1. A drop-off rock obstacle was added into the race for the Pros.

2. Here is a wide view of the obstacle that shows one quad stuck one jumping and yet another coming into the frame.

3. Many of the riders bikes and faces were unrecognizable by the end of the race.

4. Outside help is not allowed, as one rider stopped to help another rider as the crowd cheers on the riders. (or heckled them).

5. Most of the quads were steaming as they came around due the the muddy conditions and the water holes all over the coarse.

To see all the photos check out my website.

http://www.markelliotphotography.com and click the link to view all galleries on photoshelter.

As always these images are copyright protected and may not be redistributed without written permission from the photographer for any reason.

09-12-2006, 05:08 PM
Nice pics

The first pic is Joe Rarey, a teammate of mine.

He got fifth in the Pro-Main, and is now fifth in points:D

09-13-2006, 01:12 AM
Once again, great pics!:macho