View Full Version : performance mods for LT50

07-30-2006, 10:53 PM
My daughter has an '02 LT50 and I just got finished last week rebuilding it. It didnt really need it but it needed some more umph so.....
I first searched the web and found some stuff(very small amount but did get some) and used it as a base. I first ordered a 1mm over Wiseco piston, rings and gasket set and honed the cylinder out accordingly with .0025" piston to wall clearance. I ported the cylinder and polished the chamber in the head out and shaved the head .040". Removed the intake restrictor and the one on the exhaust and removed the baffle out of the muffler and drilled the air box. On the jetting I removed the restrictor jet that was on top of the pilot jet and went from 55 to 70 on the main. I also went up one on the clip on the needle. The quad is no doubt stronger but doesnt want to rev out most of the time. The plug looks good to me also. It revs out but sound off a little and it flattens out. I was thinkin on going up to the middle position on the needle but hadnt done it yet. Any 2 stroke experts chime in would be greatly app.