View Full Version : ATTN GNC PPL!!! 2 banquets!!

06-27-2006, 09:07 AM
We have a choice to be made america.
There will be 2 that's right TWO GNC banquets this year.
1) At the Drawbridge Inn by the same great ppl that have hosted it. (Sherri from Baldwins)
2) At the Grand resort and convention center in Pigeon Forge Tenn. by Victory Sports.

The "powers" have decided to give the "official" banquet to Scam Gammon and his cronies.

This a power move that needs to beseen as a "line drawn" IMO.

Again,WE have a choice. Go with the political powers that only think of their own wallet or go with someone that has bent over backwards to help the sport and us in general.

My decision is an easy one. The Drawbridge Inn is where I'll be.

Make a stand folks! We are told how, where, and what to race. Now we are being told (not asked) to go to a different place with a group that has repeatedly shown their lack of caring for all of us.
Please pass this info on to anyone involved. Now is the time to be heard.