View Full Version : Hartland Classic

06-25-2006, 05:54 AM
Any word on the Hartland Classic?


Johnny & Monica
06-25-2006, 08:54 AM
It's not going to happen this year:(

06-25-2006, 08:56 AM
Sorry to hear that but thank you for the info.

Why were you not at this last MO race?

Johnny & Monica
06-25-2006, 09:37 AM
Well Taylor's quad has a broken crank, Chance broke his swingarm in half, Johnny's steering is still all screwed up. Wanting to get Chance back on a honda 90 and Taylor a 300ex. We've been working on the house. Trying to get things looking good around here. Sorry we missed the race. Tessa asked yesterday if there was anyway next year if the funny Geoff could come to her b-day party in April. She said we won't have to go anywhere it'll just be so fun with him here. Johnny started out by taking out our old french doors and putting back in a window and then moved the door over and put it in where we a window. Now they are putting stone up on the front of the house and getting ready to replace a retaining wall around the yard. Then we are going to need a landscaper. Know anyone? After that we are going to get the inside of the house back in shape. Painting and patching and a complete redo of the bathroom and adding a halfbath upstairs. Not sure when we will make another race yet we are going to go watch the wpsa July 8th and 9th in Taylorville.

06-25-2006, 04:39 PM
I got a swing arm for a Polaris if you need it. Might have a crank too. I need to go to Stroke It in Smithville soon to buy another piston:eek: We could drop the stuff off to you if you need it. Let me know. I will pm you my # if you want to give me a call...