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03-27-2006, 07:46 AM
Dear Ping,
How do you think you would fare in a match race against the top quad pros ("The Professor" Joe Byrd, John "Ironman" Natalie, "Digger" Doug Gust, Jeremiah "Mr." Jones, Travis "T-Doc" Spader, etc.) at the Glen Helen National track for 20 minutes plus one lap?

Dear ?,

I would put a hurtiní on those four-wheeling couch riders. A quad is just a lazy manís motorcycle, you see. If you are too out of shape to ride a motocross bike, ride a quad! Canít keep from falling over on two wheels? Add two more! If your style is so lame on a motorcycle that people constantly make fun of you, ride a quad, because you will fit right in. But wait Ö thereís more! Your wife or girlfriend (or wifeís girlfriend) can also have fun on your quad. The mindlessly simple operation of these vehicles makes it the perfect off-road vehicle for kids, gals, mental midgets, and even those with an extra chromosome. How would I do against Bill ďNo BalanceĒ Ballance? Hey, Iíve been known to put in hours at a time on my couch at home; I donít see why I couldnít do it at Glen Helen.
P.S. Weíre talking about riding dirt bikes, right?

I think he's pretty funny but maybe somone will put him in his place. I have raced 250A class racers on quads and they were fast but after a 5 lap race they were about to pass out.