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03-11-2006, 01:15 PM
Okay, my son was riding the other day and it started acting like it was running out of gas, it had gas in it and still the same. I took the carb apart last night and cleaned and also the filter and filter box...all clean. Started right up and ran great last night. We went out today and he rode the crap out of it this morning and early this afternoon and it just died on him. It is getting gas and plug is not wet and is tan. I get it to fire back up and she is vibrating very bad. While I was working on it last night I pulled the front clutch to pull 2 of the 6 rollers out also, but tighten everything back up. I have no clue on this and why all of the sudden. Any suggestions or help would be great...Many thanks in advance...Chris

03-12-2006, 01:55 PM
I'd go back in the carb and see if there is something in a jet. Might as well start simple.
Got compression (piston bad) ?
Spark plug cap?
Spark plug not firing correctly under compression?
The rollers all melted?
there's a few things to consider. :)

03-15-2006, 10:54 AM
Okay, the piston skirt on the intake side broke off and went into 5000000000 little pieces so I had to split the cases and am doing a complete overhaul. Cylinder is out being bored now. Also during disassembly I found a piece of one of the cages on the clutch side crank bearing had come off so I'm glad I went further then justa top end. My question now has to do with the variator clutch. Everytime I have taken it out and looked or repaired which has been 3 times since we bought this last year at least 2 rollers were sideways with the ends pointing out. Is there anyway to get rollers that are a little longer to properly fit the gap they're in? Can I make some? There is wear in the bottom inside aluminum piece and the steel top...Can this be filed and cleaned up? My questions are because I want to do this right and not have to worry about it. Many thanks to any info or advice....Chris

03-15-2006, 11:30 AM
99.9% of the time the rollers are turned from removal of the clutch. Once you pull on it and lift the plate off the rollers they have nothing to hold them in place thus turn.
Variators and plates wear out. No you cannot grind/sand them to work again. These 2 items should run you about $50.
Hard grease is usually the culprit. If your packing the clutch w/grease like Zuki does then I recommend using just a Q-tip of grease on each roller to hold it in place durring installation. I just did a motor that had the clutch so packed with grease the rollers couldn't move. No other mini uses any roller grease. No grease really is not an issue.
Nothing wrong with stock rollers. I have yet to see any better. No the kasea/eton/etc rollers will not work. :)
FYI: you can get the $25. Zuki main bearing at your local bearing place for $10. Just take them the number.:)
Might as well put a fiber reed in. The metal reed will be next to go and cause trouble. I prefer a Moore Racing reed. :D
Hope that helps. :)

03-15-2006, 01:09 PM
Thanks Mr. Moore I appreciate all the info. How much are the reeds that you sell? How do I order them? Do you have a phone number that I can reach you at and good times to call? I would like a set of them. Also do you carry stock rollers? The suzuki place here doesn't keep them in stock and neither does the kawi place. You can pm me or email me at okieguy10@yahoo.com. Thanks, Chris