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02-01-2006, 09:21 PM
I am trying out my first chinese bike here, and so far so I am getting what I expected.

One of my fears is being realized. The Chinese sell a different type of bike every year, and the importers have to be able to find parts for you. I went with Redcat since they seam to be trying to build a reputation and offer parts.

I am having a lightbulb issue. Both headlights burnt out in the first month. I was able to find replacement bulbs, but not with a single filament that this bike requires. The replacements are much dimmer. The Redcat doesn't even have any available. Does anyone know where to find a P15d base buld 12v 18/18w with only a single filament? Right now I am using a 25w double filament bulb. Likely most Yamaha 30w bulbs would fit also if you want dimm lights.

The only other issues I have had is the stickers are junk. Both the bikes I bought for my kids (VX-110 and KMX-50) are now bare of all stickers even the warning ones. Those were peeling apart with the words falling off and the white sticker left behind.

So far I have also been standing up the bikes and touching up the paint when they get scratched up. The quality of the metal they are made out is obvious by the way it rust brite orange power. It's by no means fragile, but needs upkeep to prevent that.

If you get the 110 make sure to melt the ends of the straps in the nerf bars. I left them alone and in one day my son unravelled one into his axle.

I was also a little dissapointed in the turning radius. It is good to an extent to keep inexperienced riders safe at speed, but sucks for trail riding. A little dremel work on the front bracket was the easiest way I could think of to help that out. It is great now.

02-02-2006, 08:29 AM
Redcat will have the lightbulbs in anytime. The bulbs they come with are crap & I will be the first to say it.... I sent out ALOT of bulbs over the Holiday season, so many I have only a couple left. Redcat is telling me that the new bulbs are better & I hope this is true. I can get about any part for any Chinese ATV, most parts are interchangeable on any Chinese ATV & if I don't have it, I have many different Chinese parts houses that will & can help the public with odd parts. I have parts for both of the bikes you have bought & the dealer you bought from "should" have parts also, unfortunately many "dealers" don't have anything & only want a atv sale. This is hurting the business because they don't have after sale support & throw legit dealers into the same boat & customers start to bash a product & say no parts available. The stickers..... yes they can be junk & are only for looks....(at one time we were peeling off the stickers & leaving the machines nekkid...only because people would complain about them, we quit doing that because it was a huge time waste & I would have to hire 1 person just for sticker removal.... take about a lame job, heh) buy a good sticker kit & make that sucker stand out ;) we use super glue on alot of the stickers in the shop, granted we shouldn't have to, but some stick great & others don't & the glue makes them all stay on. Another thing, Some will also say they are great race machines...... NOT TRUE... many of these are entry level low priced recreational TRAIL machines & WILL not hold up to a track very well.... I ride MX & ride a 250R & a 450R...however my wife trail rides & loves her Kazuma 150UT... she also has a Sportsman 4x4 for mudding, as soon as I get a nice 4x4 chinese ATV...she will ride that in the the mud to "test" it (hehe), but she likes how light the Kazuma is for everyday trail riding. Hope that clears it up some for a few people.

03-04-2006, 12:10 AM
I haven't had any other issues to report, or mechanical issues in the last 2 months. My daughter has put twice the hours on her bike than my son has put on his. I also made it a little more reflective since we trail ride into the evening at our camp.

12-10-2006, 04:15 AM
I bought a 110 for my daughter. Initially I knew to make some wheel spacers now it is 2" wider in the rear and 4" in the front after my spacers and reversing the front rims. Also I found the position of the stock air box allowed water in the carb when going thru mud and water. If you flip the air box and make minor adjustments then you can hit any amount of mud or water you encounter. In addition I found the filter and air passages were restricktive. I did some modifications to get it breathing and exhausting right. Yes the sticker do come off easily but I found it makes more room for additude. My girl gets a new skull every time she wrecks! The brake are also lacking but I found if you grove the drums it helps the stoping. Also Suzuki dirt bike brake pads do fit if your not around a dealer. I see the newer 110 have daul control arms, does anyone have some part #'s for me? My old dealer is in AL and now I'm in TX. I'm looking at putting some Honda 90 Shocks on with dual control arms for a softer ride and better travel. Oh yeah I've found all the parts are pretty much interchangable with other popular name brands if your willing to do your homework except for the chain (I think they took that off a tractor) :D