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01-26-2006, 09:10 AM
Hello, I would like to get some feedback on the jlatv widening kits. Do they work well? How much longer of a shock needs to be on it to make it correct? Does the rear need to widened also and would wheel spacers work to do this?
My son raced in a flat track race a few weeks ago and loved it. He was fast and came in first place, but he was on 2 wheels coming out of every turn with the stock set up and scaring the crap out me...lol so I would like to fix this problem. Thanks for any info, Chris

01-26-2006, 09:22 AM
Haven't used one of those kits we use wheel spacers & they work good, in fact when my oldest son raced our LT flattrack we just put wider tires on the rear LOL, that was quite awhile ago!! Never thought of spacers back then, we were newbies :D:D My niece now rides one & her Dad put spacers all around on it, get some offset wheels, that will help too!!!

01-27-2006, 08:53 AM
The JLucky thing works well. It does lower the quad 1/2" which is good for TT. Spacers will work but it handles different and you cannot space it out as far as the extending kit.
Stock shocks are still used.
The rear needs to be widened also. Durablow axel. They do make some thick spacers for the rear.
We run go-kart tires on the rear to lower the center of gravity. I use my rear knobbys up front for TT.
Volumes could be wrote on this. :D

01-27-2006, 05:13 PM
Team now makes a plus 3" axle for the LT/ KFX 80. It is lifetime warranty and $100.00 CHEAPER THAN DURA BLUE :D

01-28-2006, 09:23 AM
Could you post the contact info on that axel please. :)

01-28-2006, 08:20 PM
I am also interested in the AXEL!

01-31-2006, 01:37 PM
I'm interested in the axle also!!

02-23-2006, 09:17 AM
Sorry about the delay, I've been moving :(

find a dealer that uses Parts Unlimited for a distributor.

The PU part number for that Team axle is 0214-0061.

02-23-2006, 09:21 AM
another look at the ol' part number

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