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12-02-2004, 01:07 PM
Ok what i can tell you is this.

As far as things go it looks like there will probably be 12-13 races. The tracks that are definite are , Jolly 4races, Southwick 4-probably3 races,Winchester 2 races, and Howard is working on TRYING to get Middleboro added for 1.

There are 2 others and I will announce them now.............AS Of right now we have a TENTATIVE date For Unadilla on Labor day weekend. We tried to get in there before the National but couldnt get it.

The Last one Howard has been working on the details of whos doing what and so on with the track Owner . And this race if it is a definite and right now its 95% would be aweekend event on the 11-12 of June ...gotta check my calendar.

As far as exact dates and how many and where. Howard told me and i have been a PAIN and i mean PAIN in his *** to get me the dates Howard said by the end of this week beginning of next week. Sp we will See!!!

AS soon as I have the dates in hand and in stone i will post them here and get them out to all the websites and magazines!!!


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Ok guys finally got the word from Howard ...UNADILLA AND..........................RAUSCH CREEK ARE 100% In!!! Unadilla Labor day weekend, and Rausch is a 2 day affair On June 11-12. Howard will be sending over the other posts and dates to me tonight so by tomorrow 85-90% of the Schedule will be out of the bag!!!!!!

Hope this helps all you anxious types.!!!

I will put an offcial post with all the dates and tracks as soon as Howard gets it to me.